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Chapter 15


English Title

Every Last One

Volume 4

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 17: Temptation

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Every Last One is the 15th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

The day after the forest fire, Rin is pulled out of his regular classes to begin his training with Yukio and Shura. During the training Yukio receives a phone call about a Coal Tar infestation in an old dormitory.


Rin being pulled out

Rin being pulled out of class

The following day after the forest fire, Renzo stands in a hospital talking on a cell phone with his mother about the condition that he, Konekomaru, and Ryuji are in after the previous night. He states that Ryuji is hurt emotionally more than he is physically. Meanwhile, Rin nervously enters the Exorcist Cram School and tries to make small talk with Izumo and Shiemi, but is soon pulled out of the classroom by Yukio, whom announces that Rin will have a different curriculum from now on.

Yukio escorts Rin to a training room that he and Shura had specially reserved for Rin. While he waits for Shura to arrive, Rin uses a batting machine meant to simulate battling against a multitude of small fry Demons. When Shura finally arrives, wearing her pajamas, she tells Rin that he looks like a monkey with his tail out, but Rin tells her that he felt restricted hiding it and is more comfortable having it out. Shura then tells Rin that she and Yukio are his coaches, which prompts Rin to ask what his first lesson is going to be.

Candle training

Shura explains the lesson

Shura explains that Rin's first lesson will be on controlling his flames; they will set up three candles in a row and Rin has to light the two outside candles leaving the middle candle untouched. In his first attempt Rin simultaneously melts all three candles and surrounds himself in his flames. After many more attempts Rin becomes frustrated and Shura tells him that she wants him to practice with the candles for at least an hour everyday, but he also needs to study and train his muscles. Shura also tells him that he must first become comfortable with his flames before he can begin training with Kurikara.

Melted batting cage

Melted batting cage

As Rin continues to practice with the candles, Shura issues Yukio a challenge; they both select infinity mode in the batting machine and whoever breaks concentration first loses. If Shura wins then Yukio has to buy her a meal, but if Yukio wins then Shura has to stop calling him Scaredy Cat Four Eyes. As they are in the batting cage, Rin becomes distracted and accidentally melts the cages and burns off all of their clothes, except for their underwear. Rin claims that he has some control over his flames, because he didn't burn their underwear or their bodies and he then goes to find a fire extinguisher. As Rin puts out the fire Yukio receives an urgent phone call about an old dormitory that is infested with Coal Tar; one person has been severely affected by a Mashō and several others have been polluted. Shura and Yukio decide to go to the dormitory to help and Shura suggests that they bring Rin with them.

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