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Chapter 14



Translated Title

A Gamble

English Title

The Wager

Volume 4

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Release Date

May 1, 2010

Jump Square Issue

June 2010

Anime Episode

Ep. 16: The Wager
Ep. 26: Small Beginnings (Partial)

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The Wager ( Kake) is the 14th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

After stopping the fight between Rin and Amaimon, Mephisto Pheles is put on trial in front of the Grigori for betraying the True Cross Order.


Ojac ao no exorcist ch 014

Mephisto trapping Amaimon

As dawn breaks, Mephisto stops Amaimon and Rin from continuing their fight by restricting their hands and standing between them. Amaimon, wanting to continue the fight, claims that he hasn't lost yet and punch Mephisto in the face, knocking him away. Determined to stop Amaimon, Mephisto summons a giant clock and traps Amaimon inside of it; he then makes the clock disappear in a cloud of smoke. Mephisto then begins the arduous task of subduing Rin, who is being completely consumed by his own flames.


Arthur introduces himself

Meanwhile the Exwires, being led by Shura and Yukio, safely escape the burning forest and Shiemi asks them to explain what is going on with Rin. Yukio begins his explaination, but is cut off by a mysterious man standing atop a nearby building, who is talking about how the burning forest reminds him of the Blue Night. After giving Bourguignon orders to restrain and take statements from the Exwires, the man introduces himself as Arthur A. Angel the newly appointed Paladin for the True Cross Order. As Arthur begins reminding Shura of the orders she was given by the Vatican Mephisto appears with Rin, who is still in his Demon Form, but despite the interruption Arthur continues to say that if Shura was able to judge that there was something related to Satan, then immediate elimination was permitted.

Mephisto sheathes Kurikara, forcing Rin out of his Demon Form, and listens as Arthur tells him that the Grigori will be informed of his betrayal and that this incident is all the crucial evidence he needs. Mephisto then wakes up Rin by slapping him as Arthur draws his Demon sword, Caliburn, and descends from the building to attack. Arthur grabs Rin by the throat and is about to execute him when Shura stops him using her Hebiransu (Hebiransu) technique. She misses, however, and Arthur restrains her by holding his blade against her throat, and he then begins to question her on why she is protecting the spawn of Satan. Shura refuses to answer and Arthur announces that by an order of the Grigori, Mephisto will be put on trial and Rin will be taken as evidence. As Rin is taken away Yukio tells the other Exwires that he will explain everything to them later.

Mephisto on the witness stand

Mephisto on the stand

Using a special key Arthur escorts Mephisto, Shura, and Rin into a grand court room; upon entering the room Arthur forces Rin to kneel and pins him to the ground by stabbing him in the leg with Caliburn. Timotēe Timowan calls the accused, Mephisto, to the witness stand and then begins questioning him, asking if Rin is the child of Satan. Casper, Balthasar, and Melchior then ask Mephisto what his and Shiro's intentions were behind secretly raising the child of Satan; Mephisto responds that they did it in order to create a weapon to fight Satan. Mephisto then asks everyone in the court room if they will take the gamble with him on whether Rin will become a Demon King of Gehenna or become the savior of Assiah.

Rin begging Shura

Rin begging Shura

Arthur attempts to convince everyone to disregard what Mephisto has said,but as he does Rin engulfs himself in his flames and declares that he is not their weapon, Demon King, or savior he is simply Rin Okumura; he then claims that he will become the best Exorcist that any of them has ever seen. Casper then states that since ancient times the True Cross Order has gained wisdom from Demons and they decide to take a majority vote on whether or not to take part in the gamble that Mephisto mentioned. Under many conditions, one being that he has to pass the Exorcist Authorization Exam in six months, Rin was released, he then begs Shura to teach him how to use his sword and she agrees to do it.

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  1. Kuchens Kuckucksuhr

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  • Mephisto's Trial (started and concluded)

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