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Chapter 13


Translated Title

Act of Kindness

English Title

Something Kind

Volume 4

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 15: Act of Kindness

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Something Kind is the 13th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

When Amaimon attacks the camp with Behemoth and abducts Shiemi, Rin has to reveal his true identity to his classmates in order to protect them, but when the situation gets too out of control Mephisto has to intervene.


Shura's familiar

Shura's familiar

Upon arriving at the camp Amaimon sends his familiar, Behemoth, to attack the Exwires, but Shura knocks it away with her Dabō technique. She then calls out her familiar, a Naga covered in flames, to activate a seal around the camp which repels both Amaimon and Behemoth. Amaimon lands in some treetops near Mephisto, who comments that Shura is going to be tough for Amaimon to defeat and asks him what he plans to do; Amaimon states that he wants to kill just one of them, but Mephisto warns him that if he even tries to kill one than he'll slaughter him personally.

Shura giving Rin instructions

Shura giving Rin instructions

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Shura explains that the training camp is officially over and that they need to prepare for Amaimon to attack again. Izumo is shocked to hear that one of the Eight Demon Kings is attacking them and wonders why such an important demon is wasting his time on them. Ignoring the question, Shura dowses everyone, except Rin, in Holy Water for protection and when Ryuji asks her why she didn't dowse Rin she claims that he is allergic to holy water. Rin then notices that Yukio isn't there and asks where he is; Shura tells him that Yukio would've just gotten in the way so she sent him off somewhere. Privately, Rin mentions to Shura that Amaimon is after him and Shura tells him that she already knows and then she instructs Rin to leave with Kurikara the next time that Amaimon attacks.

Shura attempts to return Kurikara to Rin, but he refuses to take it because Shura had told him earlier to keep his flames supressed, but now she states that if Rin doesn't have his flames then he can't fight. They stop arguing when they notice Shiemi walking out of the protective barrier and Shura notices a parasite in her neck. Once she is outside the barrier, Amaimon swoops down and informs everyone that due to the parasite in her neck Shiemi will only listen to him. He then picks up Shiemi and leaves with her causing Rin to give chase, but he is stopped by Behemoth. Shura decides to hold off Behemoth so that Rin can go save Shiemi and she tells the other Exwires not to leave the barrier under any circumstances.

Amaimon choking Ryuji

Amaimon choking Ryuji

When Rin finds Amaimon and Shiemi he hits him in the head with his sheathed sword which causes Amaimon to throw Rin across the forest and a fight ensues. From the camp Ryuji and the others can see this and the mass destruction it is causing an run to help Rin. Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo begin shooting small firecrackers at Amaimon in order to distract him, but it only makes him angry towards them. Amaimon then attacks them and grabs Ryuji by his throat, holding him in the air, but Ryuji ignores Amaimon and expresses his anger towards Rin for always running off on his own. However, Amaimon dislikes being ignored so this makes him even more outraged.

Amaimon and Rin stopped by Mephisto

Mephisto stopping Rin and Amaimon

In order to stop Amaimon from hurting his friends, Rin draws his attention back to him by drawing his sword and revealing his blue flames. They begin fighting again, but finally Rin gains the upper hand by stabbing Amaimon and engulfing him in flames; before he can actually do any harm to him Amaimon stops Rin by yanking on his tail, which is apparently a demon's weak point. The forest is set ablaze by their confrontation, but before they can do any more damage, Mephisto stops them stating that if he allows them to continue the entire academy will be reduced to rubble.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Goblin
  2. Naga
  3. Chuchi

Battles & Events[]

  • Rin Okumura vs. Amaimon: Rematch (started and concluded)

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