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Chapter 12


Translated Title

Bug Trap

English Title

Light Trap

Volume 4

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 15: Act of Kindness

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Light Trap is the 12th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

The Exwires discover that they'll have to work together in order to finish this training mission and bring the lantern back to camp; meanwhile Yukio goes to collect whoever fired off the signal flare, while Mephisto and Amaimon lurk nearby in the treetops.


Ryuji blinded by blue light

Ryuji is walking through the forest, looking for one of the lanterns, when he hears Shiemi scream. As he rushes through the woods to find and help her he is blinded by the light of bright blue flames. He finds Rin holding Shiemi and asks him if she is alright; Rin replies that he thinks she's okay, although her head is bleeding a little. Rin tells Ryuji that he should go on ahead while he takes Shiemi back to the base, but before he can do that Shiemi wakes up and shows them that the circle she used to summon Nee was destroyed when she was attacked by the Chuchi. Suddenly Renzo jumps out of some bushes swinging his staff at Rin, thinking he was a threat, while holding a flashlight in his mouth; he explains to everyone that he lost is memory after he was attacked by a swarm of Chuchi.

Mephisto and Amaimon

Ryuji and Renzo's cell phones both start to ring as they simultaneously receive a text message from Konekomaru telling them that he found a lantern, but that he's going to need there help, followed by instructions on how to get to his location. Back at the base camp a drunk Shura mocks Yukio about Rin using his flames so soon in the training; she adds that she hasn't reported to the Vatican, because she is training Rin to use Kurikara just like Shiro asked her to. It is revealed that Mephisto and Amaimon are watching the Exwires and their supervisors from the treetops.

Exwires looking at Peg Lantern

Amaimon states that Shura is being a hindrance, because she is hiding Kurikara; Mephisto tries to tell Amaimon that he's only allowed to do what he tells him to, in order to avoid another incident like the previous one, but he quickly notices that Amaimon isn't even listening to him. Meanwhile Shiemi, Rin, Ryuji, and Renzo meet up with Konekomaru; they find out that the lanterns they're meant to bring back to camp are Peg Lanterns and that they're going to have to work together to bring it back. After assigning everyone a job, they load the Peg Lantern onto a cart, light it, and start to head back to camp.

Rin and Shiemi crossing bug swamp

Back at camp Yukio notices a signal flare, which means that someone is quitting and he wakes up Shura before going to get whoever fired off the flare; Meanwhile, Rin and the others run into an impassable bridge over a river of worms and bugs. They come up with a plan to get the lantern to cross the swamp by itself, but as soon as they get across a giant Chuchi grabs both of Rin's hands and he can get away. He tells everyone to just go on without him, planning to use his flames to defeat it once everyone is gone, but Ryuji tells him that he's crazy if he thinks they would leave him behind.

Ryuji temporarily stops the giant Chuchi by pinning a talisman to it using Renzo's k'rik and chanting a spell to strike it with lightning. After retrieving Renzo's k'rik, Ryuji pulls Rin out of the bug swamp and tells him to hurry before the giant Chuchi regains consciousness; this confuses Rin because he thought Ryuji had defeated it. Ryuji tells everyone to haul ass, and they run as fast as they can through the forest; Konekomaru notices that the giant Chuchi isn't following them anymore and Ryuji suggests that they stop to rest. Soon they arrive back at base camp to find that Izumo had brought a Peg Lantern back by herself; she tells them that it was easy with the help of her familiars, but Nemu made it back to camp before her. Shura notices that everyone made it back to camp and wonders who fired off the signal flare earlier; Amaimon then descends from the sky with his familiar, Behemoth.

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  1. Peg Lantern
  2. Chuchi
  3. Goblin

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