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Chapter 11


Translated Title

A Fun Camp

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Fun Camp

Volume 3

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Anime Episode

Ep. 14: A Fun Camping Trip

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Fun Camp is the 11th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Rin remembers a time from his childhood that Father Fujimoto gave him some advice; then he aspires to be like Shiro. Later on, Rin and the other Exwires are sent to a training camp in the forest, in which they have to find, light, and return with one of three lanterns hidden in the forest.


Rin and Kuro playing

Rin playing with Kuro

Rin recalls a time from his childhood where he rampaged in a classroom and broke his classmates arms and noses; that is, until Shiro Fujimoto arrived to calm him down. Shiro hugs Rin in an attempt to comfort him, but in the process Rin breaks three of Shiro's ribs; Rin, with tears in his eyes, watched as Shiro was loaded into an ambulancce and decided that he wanted to be like his father one day. Rin also remembers everything that happened to him and the things that were said about him the previous day as he lies awake, unable to sleep. Rin and Kuro sneak out of their dorm, careful not to wake up Yukio, and go to sit on the roof where he asks Kuro if he wants to play; at which point Kuro grows in size and Rin begins to "fight" him with a wooden sword.

Forest training camp

Exwires going to camp

The next day Rin meets Konekomaru, Renzo,and Ryuji in front of the True Cross Academy; from there they go to the True Cross Halfway Station, where they meet with Yukio, Shura, and the other Exwires. Yukio explains to everyone that they're going on a three day training camp in the Academy Forest District, that will consist of strength training and a series of tests to determine who is ready to take part in actual missions.

Exwires enjoying dinner

Everyone enjoying dinner

As they march through the forest Rin is full of energy and states that it's like they're going on a picinic, while the other Exwires are all less than enthused. Finally they reach a clearing and decide to set up camp; the boys are given the task of lighting a fire and setting up the tents, while the girls are told to make a protective circle around the camp and make dinner. Seeing that the girls are having trouble preparing dinner, Rin decides to take over and everyone learns that he is a great chef; as everyone enjoys dinner Rin happily thinks to himself that this is what it's like to be surrounded by friends.

Shura throwing a can at Yukio

Shura throws a beer can at Yukio

When dinner is finished, Yukio announces that he'll begin to explain the contents of the training camp; Shura, drunkenly, repeatedly exclaims that it is a test of courage, to which Yukio responds that they are supposed to be working. After the drunk Shura calms down Yukio explains that everyone must leave the camp and scatter in different directions to find and light one of three lanterns. He continues to say that only those who find and return with a lit lantern will be allowed to participate in actual combat missions; he then explains what is in the bags that were handed out to everyone earlier and reminds them that during the night the forest is a nest for lower level Demons. Rin says that it sounds like an easy task and Shura reminds him that he can't use his flames that he is so dependent upon.

As everyone sets off into the forest they all encounter swarms of moths and Ryuji concludes that they're Chuchi, because they are sucking his blood. Rin hears Shiemi scream and rushes to help her, while knocking the Chuchi out of his way with his wooden sword; he finds her unconscious and, in a rage, uses his blue flames to kill the Chuchi surrounding her. Just as he asks Shiemi if she's alright Ryuji appears asking what that was making Rin worry that he saw his blue flames.

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  1. Cat Sídhe
  2. Chuchi
  3. Greenman

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