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Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

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Ep. 13: Proof

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Proof is the 10th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Shura takes Rin to the Japanese Branch Headquarters where she meets with Mephisto. After meeting with Mephisto, Shura decides to hold off on reporting to the Vatican and instead to keep observing Rin, while acting as a teacher in the Exorcist Cram School.


Shura showing Yukio and Kaoru her license

Shura showing Yukio and Kaoru her license

Shura shows her Exorcist License to Yukio and Kaoru as proof of who she is, shortly before telling them that she will be taking Rin to the Japanese Branch Headquarters. She then asks them to arrange her a meeting with Mephisto and to send the rest of the Exwires back to their dormitories; Yukio does as he was told and tells everyone to go back to their dorms, because, for the time being, their mission was over.

Yukio escorts Shura and Rin into the Branch Headquarters; Shura states that it is the center of the True Cross Order and they have been exterminating monsters all over the world for two-thousand years, however they officially don't exist. They meet with Mephisto, who is surprised that he wasn't informed about Shura sneaking into the school as an inspector; Shura gets right to the point and asks Mephisto why he was hiding the son of Satan from the Vatican and what he's planning to do with him. Mephisto admits that he wants to make Rin a weapon for the order and that Shiro Fujimoto also planned to do the same, at which point Shura tells him that she's going to have to report this incident to the higher ups, but first she'd like to interrogate Rin. Upon hearing this Yukio claims that it is pointless to inerrogate his brother, but Shura doesn't listen to him and instructs him to go home and get some rest.

Shura stealing Kurikara

Shura after stealing Kurikara

After taking Rin into a seperate room for interrogation Shura comments on how docile he has been and he asks her if she is an acquaintance of Yukio and Shiro; Shura tells Rin that she was Shrio's student two years before him and Yukio were born. Shura then falls to the ground, seemingly in pain, and steals Kurikara from Rin when he comes over to help her. In a flashback she remembers a time when Shiro asked her to teach Rin how to fight with a demon blade if anything were to happen to him, which she refused to do. Then she draws her sword and points it at Rin, which he questions considering she was his father's student; Shura then tells him that she is following her orders to eliminate anything she finds related to Satan and that now she is going to kill him.

Shura attempting to kill Rin

Shura attempting to kill Rin

Just as she is about to kill him she calls Shiro a coward and claims he was the absolute worst paladin; Rin grabs her blade and tells her that she is wrong, that his father isn't a coward, because he died protecting him. Shura, again, claims that Shiro was a coward and Rin states that he'll become a paladin to prove that he wasn't and to prove that Shiro was right for letting him live. Rin's statement makes Shura laugh and she tells Rin that she's going to hold on to Kurikara so he doesn't become a toy for Amaimon; she adds that he can have it back when he can beat her in a fight and that he'd better prove that Shiro was right.

Later on Shura informs Mephisto that she's postponing her report to the Vatican, so that she can continue to observe Rin and she asks for a place to stay and Mephisto claims that his mind is at rest with such an esteemed exorcist around. Shura gets up to leave and again asks Mephisto what he is scheming, to which he replies that he plans to bring peace to both the human world and Assiah. She then reminds him that the top doesn't trust him, because he is a Demon. After she leaves Amaimon appears and Mephisto tells him that they need to talk about what he did today. Later on Shura introduces herself to the Exwires as their new teacher in place of their former magic seals instructor and says that they are going to have fun for the next two and a half months of training. Rin shows up late to class explaining that he fell asleep in homeroom and he is, like the other Exwires, surprised to see Shura is his teacher.

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  • Rin Okumura vs. Shura Kirigakure (started and concluded)

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