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Chapter 8

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Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

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Cat Sídhe (猫又 (ケットシー)  Ketto Shī) are Demons that exist in all classes and appear all over the world.


Cat Sídhe are Demons who possess cats. If a Japanese one lives long enough, its tail splits in two, thereby leaving it with two separate tails that easily distinguish it from normal felines. They also have two small horns on top of their heads. Cat Siths were shown to be deities centuries ago and can become violent by growing large and attaining Demonic features. They're different from Shinshi, but the older ones are smart and may enter into agreements with people to live with them. For hundreds of years, they may move from house to house, posing as normal pets.

The fatal verse for Cat Sídhe remains unknown and once enraged, a powerful Cat Sídhe is difficult to stop, even using multiple methods available to Exorcists.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Size Alteration: Cat Sídhe are capable of changing size, from roughly the size of the average house cat, to massive creatures larger than bulldozers.[2]


  • A Cat Sídhe, or Cat sìth, is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology.


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