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Shemihaza (シュミハザ Shumihaza)
Emperor of Creation (創造皇 Sōzō Ō)[1]




Female Female




170 cm (5'7")


79 kg (174 lbs.)


August 2nd

Hair Color

Brown (Season 1)
Blonde (Season 3)

Eye Color

Blue (Season 1)
Green (Season 3)

Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order


Advisor, Shopkeeper





Base of Operations

Vatican Main Office

Personal Status



Shiemi Moriyama (Daughter)
Shiemi's Grandmother (Mother; deceased)
Shemihaza (Ancestor)

Manga Debut

Chapter 3
Chapter 14 (As Casper)

Anime Debut

Episode 4
Episode 16 (As Casper)

Japanese Voice

Jun Karasawa

English Voice

Mari Devon (Seasons 1-2)
Dorah Fine (Season 3)

Casper Images

Casper (カスパール Kasupāru) is one of the three members of the Grigori: the supreme advisors of the True Cross Order. In her day-to-day life, she is the owner and shopkeeper at the Exorcist Shop, Futsumaya, which is located somewhere on the campus of the True Cross Academy.


Shiemi's Mother has dark blue eyes and chocolate brown hair that she wears in a loose bun near the nape of her neck; she has a small red and gold hair pin adorning the right side of her head, and a large turquoise hair pin on the left side. Similarly to her mother, she has pieces of her hair falling in front of her face and a large section of it, on the left side, is curled. She is a heavy-set woman who appears to be slightly taller than her daughter. Her usual attire consists of a purple, floral-print kimono with a black sash around the waist, as well as a pale red shawl and traditional Japanese footwear.[2][3]


Shiemi's Mother is always worried about her daughter, but she doesn't know how to show it very well, as it usually comes out as demanding rather than caring.[4]Because of this, and her constant fighting with Shiemi, she is quite down on herself, considering herself to be a failure as a mother and thinking that it is her fault for not spending enough time with Shiemi when she was a child.[5]


True Cross Academy arc[]

Shiemi's Mother is smoking from her pipe as Yukio enters her shop and she greets him by saying good day. After purchasing some of her products Yukio asks her how Shiemi is doing. She replies that they are currently fighting, so Shiemi won't speak to her, and that Shiemi's legs get worse by the day. Later on Shiemi's Mother goes with Yukio into her mother's garden and demands that Shiemi let Yukio examine her legs, so that they can figure out what's wrong with them. Shiemi's Mother is shocked to hear that Shiemi's leg problems are the work of a demon and becomes concerned that Shiemi is possessed, but Yukio assures her that she isn't. When Yukio states that the demon is somewhere in the garden she orders Shiemi to leave the accursed garden at once; this causes Shiemi to tell her mother that she hates her before fainting on the ground. After putting Shiemi in her bed she begins to talk about how Shiemi's legs started to deteriorate after her grandmother passed away, she then sadly walks away claiming that she is a failure as a mother. After Yukio and Rin defeat the demon in the garden Shiemi shyly walks over to her mother to apologize, but before she can Shiemi's Mother hugs her tightly and cries while saying how worried she was.[6]

Training Camp arc[]

Casper and the rest of the Grigori act as overseers for Mephisto's trial; she listens silently as Mephisto asks her and the other Grigori to make a wager with him about how Rin will turn out: savior of Assiah or Demon King of Gehenna. However, after listening to Rin's outburst, stopping Arthur from killing the boy, and Mephisto's claim, she and the other Grigori prevent Arthur from executing the boy and allow him to live under the condition that he pass the Exorcist Qualification Exam in six months time, among many others.[7]

True Cross Academy Festival arc[]

Casper and the other Grigori are later present during Arthur and Lewin's account of what happened in Yemen, where they learn of the Demon Eater and the problems they could potentially bring up in the world. Casper then, upon Mephisto bringing it up amidst the chaos of information, reduces Rin's execution to a suspension.[8]

Capser and her two other compatriots are later visited by Lucifer's Seraphim and hear the words he has to speak.[9] However, the Seraphim at her location explodes,[10] but she and the other Grigori members are saved by Arthur.[11]

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

While Lightning and Ryuji travel to visit Azazel, Lightning explains that Shemihaza is one of two Emperors, called the Sol, that helped humans fight demons.[12] Shemihaza is the Emperor of Creation, and she worked together with Armumahel, the Emperor of Emptiness, and Azazel, a Baal from Gehenna. When their bodies deteriorated, the three chose not to seek new ones, and instead, they fell into a natural, crystallized state. Shemihaza's Nephilim represent her physically within the Grigori, the most recent being Casper.

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]


  • Casper shares her name with one of the Biblical Magi.
  • Casper's gender is recorded as male on the English version of the Blue Exorcist website, but is correctly stated as female on the Japanese version.
  • Shemihaza is another spelling for Samyaza, the name of a fallen angel in apocryphal texts. The name itself means "the name has seen" or "he sees the name".
  • In the manga, Shemihaza's name is not officially revealed until Chapter 87, along with her alias as the Emperor of Creation.
  • Due to the secretive nature of the Grigori, Casper's identity created some confusion in the creation of articles. Shiemi's mother appearing early in the manga, Casper first being identified as female in the anime and Shemihaza's identity being attributed to Balthasar due to the shape of their robes. Only with the conclusive reveal of Shiemi's Mother acting as Shemihaza in Chapter 141 led to the consolidation of the articles involved.


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