Candid and Open

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Air Date

March 25, 2017



Adapted chapter(s)

Chapter 34

Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

Episode 36
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Candid and Open is the twelfth and final episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime.


Rescues and reinforcements are sent in by morning. Tatsuma makes it home safely. Juzo tells Mamushi the Impure King was defeated. Rin awakes with Kuro at his side, as well as Shiemi. Rin thanks her for what she said in the prison, that it encouraged him during battle.

Shiemi says they will be friends forever, and Rin realizes he is permanently friend zoned. Renzo overhears this and stars laughing at Rin. Shura gave them the next day off.

Mephisto arranges for Yaozo to testify for Rin at the Vatican. After Yaozo leaves, Shura pins Mephisto and states she is aware that Mephisto is up to something. She says that his choice of students and of Shura being Rin's guardian to be very particular. Mephisto asks since when has she gotten attached to Rin. Mephisto threatens her that it would be a shame if she died young.

Outside the room as Shura leaves, she informs Yukio that Mephisto may be planning something with Rin. Middle of the night, Rin finds Yukio sleeping in a chair near the vending machines. Yukio hasn't slept since the day prior. He gives Yukio a mini water, telling him not to run away because he has something important to tell him.

Juzo announces his plans to marry Mamushi and receives their parent's blessing. Tatsuma tells Ryuji that he is important to him, which is why for so long he refused to let misfortunes roll out the way they could have.

All the students and Yukio head out to tourist destinations, Rin voices his desire to see Kyoto Tower and Miwa and Ryuji mockingly agree since Satan's son wishes it so. He asks his classmates to take a picture with him, so they spell out Satan with their arms behind him as a joke.

Rin hangs out with Yukio by a riverside where he tells Yukio he will become an exorcist as Satan's son. Yukio says he doesn't approve and promised their father, Shiro, to protect Rin. Rin brushes it off saying they are both right and wrong, but will always be there for one another. Rin asks Yukio to share with him some stories of when he and their father would fight side by side. Yukio agrees under the condition Rin becomes an exorcist. Rin offers for Yukio to confide in him, but he denies it.

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