Ep 3 title




Ani to Otōto

Air Date

May 1, 2011



Opening Song

Core Pride

Ending Song

Take Off

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Brothers is the third episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime. It first aired on May 1, 2011.


Rin is waiting for Mephisto in front of the church,as he starts to walk across the street a pink limo almost runs him over. The limo stops and Mephisto steps out. To Rin's surprise he sees Yukio walking over to them. They get in the limo and head for True Cross Academy together. There they have a welcome ceremony where Yukio gives a speech. After touring around the school, Rin meets Mephisto and they go to the school for Exorcist also known as the Cram School . Rin enters and sits in the classroom when suddenly, Yukio appears and he announces that he is their teacher. Rin shocked by this. He questions Yukio in front of the class. Yukio asks the class to wait outside. Rin and Yukio were arguing when suddenly Rin drops rotten animal blood which attracts Demons. Yukio asked Rin why he killed father. When Yukio points a gun at Rin, Rin burst into anger. Yukio and Rin, defeat the Demons. After class, Rin finds out that his roommate is Yukio.

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