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Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2

Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2

Title Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2
Release Date September 28, 2011

Blue Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2 (青の祓魔師 (エクソシスト) オリジナル・サウンドトラック II) is the second of two soundtrack albums containing the background music from the First Season anime adaptation of Blue Exorcist. First pressings of the album came with a tarot card. All music was composed and produced by Hiroyuki Sawano. The jacket cover was illustrated by Kazue Katō.

Album Information[]

Record Label
Aniplex Inc.
Catalog Code
Tracklist (Japanese)
  1. BGM的-suite 1st-Mov.:E戦場-Aria
  2. BGM的-suite 2nd-Mov.:Technology ORCH.
  3. BGM的-suite 3rd-Mov.:Hyou×(依+変)
  4. BGM的-suite 4th-Mov.:BOBOBOぼ~ん
  5. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 1st-Mov.:M
  6. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 2nd-Mov.:CHaos+CHorus
  7. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 3rd-Mov.:HEiW@→KiZUN@
  8. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 4th-Mov.:N-tone
  9. 日常用 de SUIT 1st-Mov.:銃剣兄弟GEKIBANger
  10. 日常用 de SUIT 2nd-Mov.:銃剣兄弟GEKIBANger-Returns
  11. 日常用 de SUIT 3rd-Mov.:銃剣兄弟GEKIBANger-Forever
  12. 日常用 de SUIT 4th-Mov.:銃剣兄弟GEKIBANger-The Final
  13. 交響$weet 1st-Mov.:st-RING
  14. 交響$weet 2nd-Mov.:STN-blood
  15. 交響$weet 3rd-Mov.:call ME
  16. 交響$weet 4th-Mov.:f
  17. CORE PRIDE (TV size) / UVERworld
  18. Take off (TV size) / 2PM
  19. IN MY WORLD (TV size) / ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  20. Wired Life (TV size) / 黒木メイサ
Tracklist (English)
  1. BGM-Suite 1st-Mov.: Aria on E Battle Field
  2. BGM-Suite 2nd-Mov.: Technology ORCH.
  3. BGM-Suite 3rd-Mov.: Hyoux (I+Hen)
  4. BGM-Suite 4th-Mov.: BOBOBOBON
  5. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 1st-Mov.: M
  6. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 2nd-Mov.: CHaos+CHorus
  7. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 3rd-Mov.: HEiW@→KiZUN@
  8. IiMuRoYa-$.feat 4th-Mov.: N-tone
  9. Daily Life de SUIT 1st-Mov.: Gun Sword Brothers GEKIBANger
  10. Daily Life de SUIT 2nd-Mov.: Gun Sword Brothers GEKIBANger-Returns
  11. Daily Life de SUIT 3rd-Mov.: Gun Sword Brothers GEKIBANger-Forever
  12. Daily Life de SUIT 4th-Mov.: Gun Sword Brothers GEKIBANger-The Final
  13. Symphonic Sweet 1st-Mov.: st-RING
  14. Symphonic Sweet 2nd-Mov.: STN-blood
  15. Symphonic Sweet 3rd-Mov.: call ME
  16. Symphonic Sweet 4th-Mov.: f

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