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Blue Exorcist: DAMNED CHORD (青の祓魔師 DAMNED CHORD) was a smartphone game that was due for release in 2019 in Japan, although had been delayed and ultimately cancelled in November 2020 in favour of a new project.


It was first announced by Aniplex during the Jump Festa 2019 event on December 22, 2018. Kazue Katō will be in charge of original character designs and the game's plot. A1-Pictures will be creating the animation sequences for the game. Aniplex will be responsible for planning, while Esprit will be developing the strategy role-playing game.


The player characters are Alisa and Alex Summons, a pair of Middle First Class Exorcists sent from the Vatican Main Office to the Japan Branch on a mission. They possess the meister of Tamer and work with a dog-like demon called Flor.

A legendary Tamer named Erwart Letsierra (エルワーク・レトシエラ。) used a specialised type of Tarot Card to summon demons without long chants or rituals. His Tarot Cards are now concealed around the world. At the request of Mephisto Pheles, Alisa and Alex are to work with the Exwires in order to retrieve them.[1]


The app game will be free to play, but will have optional in-game purchases.


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