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KMONEY550 KMONEY550 19 May 2020

I Want to be a youtuber

I Would love That when I get enough money I can get a camera and gaming setup and finally become what I have dreamed of being a YouTuber

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Mal572 Mal572 30 April 2020

Religion in Blue Exorcist


I’m interested in joining you guys!

I’m a big fan of the Anime series and really like the show! I’m currently writing an essay on this Anime and Religion and wanted to hear of your thoughts?

  • In Blue Exorcist and many other animes, there are a lot of references to religious practices and rituals. Why do you think anime blends multiple religious beliefs?
  • Are you religious and does this impact your viewing of the show? Or do you separate the two?
  • Do you think Japanese anime has the freedom to explore different religions compared to other places around the world?

Thanks again for taking the time out to read this!


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Akuma-Megami Kamigami Akuma-Megami Kamigami 22 April 2020

Chapter 120 Got Me To Tears

If you guys have been reading the manga online, you'd know that chapter 120 was released April 3rd. Well, I was still reading chapter 100 when it came out. I finally caught up to 120 a few hours ago and, can I just say... I LITERALLY HAD A FRIGGIN' MELTDOWN! Like... am I the only one who thinks that chapter 120 is the most heartbreaking chapter in the series so far?! Anyway, it took me like, an hour to stop crying and finish the rest of my homeschool. here's a chapter spoiler so don't look at the rest of the blog if you don't want the chapter spoiled by me.

these screenshots are brought to you by

I don't want to get copy righted so I only inserted a scene from the chapter.

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 6 January 2020

Kin Theory List

Alrighty, I'm basically just doing this to amuse myself while I work on some other projects. This is going to be a list of what I think are the relevent kin for the unsorted demons in the demon list and a little bit of explanation as to why I think so. This will not effect main articles in any way and is just my dumb little fan interpretation. It also won't be done all at once, but what can ya do...

  • 1 Kin of Amaimon
  • 2 Kin of Astaroth
  • 3 Kin of Azazel
  • 4 Kin of Beelzebub
  • 5 Kin of Egyn
  • 6 Kin of Iblis
  • 7 Kin of Lucifer
  • 8 Kin of Samael
  • 9 Kin of Armumahel
  • 10 Kin of Shemihaza
  • 11 Unaffiliated/Unknown Demons

Bariyon - Confirmed Kin

Dekalp - Confirmed Kin

Ent - Given that Dekalps and Greenmen are already known to be Amaimon's kin, it would stand to reason that other plant based…

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 11 May 2018


After a absense caused largely by depression, I have returned. I greatly apologise for not being here for everyone, but I have returned and intend to spend the near future getting caught up on everything I need to do and get cleared of backlog projects. I've already overhauled Egyn's page, if there's anything outstanding anyone wants to alert me to, let me know. For now, PACE!

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Sannse Sannse 12 September 2017

Seeking Volunteer Curators

Hey Ao no Exorcist Wiki community!

I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the anime subreddit or follow anime news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

We're looking for people like you to help us round out our anime coverage - everythi…

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 22 February 2017

Phantom Labyrinth Translation Project.

I plan to translate the entire game, but I can't lie, it takes forever since I don't actually speak/write Japanese this is a sort of trial and error version done using Google translate and my best judgement on what comes out. Anyway, here's the prologue.

Chapter 迷宮の鍵 Chapter Key of the Labyrinth

Scene プロローグ “Prologue”

Box 1

合わせ鏡のように存在するニつの次元 人間の住む 『』、悪魔の住む 『』。

An alternate world existing like a mirror. Assiah, inhabited by human beings, Gehenna where demons reside.

Box 2

本来は干涉し得ないニつの次元だが 悪魔はあらゆる物質に憑依し、人間を脅かしてきた。

It's a two dimensional divide that can not be removed The demons possessed all kinds of substances and threatened humans.

Box 3



However, we also accumulate special training in humans and purify demons Exorcis…

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Magus01 Magus01 8 January 2017

I have returned!

I'm back and ready for the plethora of new editing to be done for the new season of the Anime!

Thankfully I have figured out a computer issue that reared it's ugly head a couple of days ago on my desktop so I won't be limited to be using my much less comforatable to use laptop.

Happy editing everyone! 

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Magus01 Magus01 12 December 2016

Still kicking

Just stopping by to say that yes, I am alive and kicking. Just been taking a bit of a hiatus as of late due to the holidays and having my workload at work doubled for the forseeable future. 

Not to worry however, I shall starting editing once more after Christmas has passed.

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Magus01 Magus01 28 September 2016


Alright everyone. As many may have noticed, my edits are becomeing quite scaled down and they will continue to remain as such for about the next month. Have a lot of traveling for work and I shall be doing as much as I can but putting in 14+ hour days includeing travel (As it was today) is pretty draining.

I thank you all for your understanding. 

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Magus01 Magus01 19 July 2016

Works in progress

Currently I am following the cleanup master plan and doing what I can every evening (Energy levels dictating how much) so I please ask for all of your continued patience as some edits take me a few days to fully flesh out as a result.

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 10 July 2016

Hawkeye's Guide to Images

It's come to my attention of late that, while the wiki is in need of images, some might not be aware of how to handle those, so here are some guidelines on uploading images.

When uploading, try to ensure that -

1. The image is from a canon source or material, no fan art or excessively edited images.

2. That it has an appropriate title pertaining to its content.

3. That the image is in .png format. This is easily done by saving the image, opening it in paint and saving it again as .png.

4. That when the image is uploaded, it is marked as being used under fair use policy according to U.S. Law.

5. Try to avoid fan translated images. If you can't, at least edit out what text you can and relevant watermarks. We're not here to steal other people's wor…

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 13 May 2016

Hawkeye's Guide to Items

Okay, since it seems I may soon be taking over as an Admin, I feel the need to help others in getting the wiki up to form. As such, I'll be making some guides just to give newer editors some guidelines in making articles. In these cases, I mean more about when it's appropriate to make an article and the type of information to include, not presentation or formatting, as I think we already have guides for that hanging about.

Now then, when making an Item article, try to ask the following questions.

1. Is this an item easily found/understood in the real world?

Yes: Then does it have some trait/ability or has it played a unique role that makes it different from what you would normally expect of said item? In the case of plants, this would be thei…

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Askingjordan Askingjordan 11 May 2016

8 demon kings

so we know the titles in gehenna  


eight demon kings:

sameal (mephisto)








but what are their ranks of the demon kings? we only know three so far.

1) Lucifer, king of light

2) Sameal, king of time and space

3) ?

4) ?

5) ?


7) Amaimon, king of earth

8) ?

so out of astaroth, beezlebub, egyn, iblis, azael, where in the ranks do they go? Can anyone help me??

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Neowitch Neowitch 27 February 2016

The Poodle's Core

Or the Scottish Terrier's core, if you will.

This is just a little something that had me thinking when I read it.

In Goethe's "Faust" the dog that followed Faust into his study turned out to be the devil disguised as a traveling scholar. Or, more precisely, a traveling student. Contrary to what that name suggests, in medieval terms it didn't mean these folks were actively traveling, it just meant they had left home to pursue knowledge somewhere else. Usually they found employment as scribes in a monastery or something like that and then never left that place again. But medieval fiction liked to portray them in a way that is not unlike what people these days think of students, namely as vagabonds that traveled wherever they pleased, partied h…

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Demon Prince Rin Okumura Demon Prince Rin Okumura 28 June 2015

Blue exorcist

I'm new here at this wiki and others I chose to login because I wanted to see other people that love blue exorcist I cosplay as the boy Rin Okumura and I meet the voice actor for him at an anime con. Blue exorcist changed my life by being the first anime I've seen I started watching blue exorcist on tsunami on adult swim and it changed my life. I talk to people more, I draw better, and I have more friends now then before. Anime also helped me act better and now I can stand on a stage without having stage fright. When I cosplay I can do it anywhere now because I'm not afraid what people say anymore. I cosplay at malls, school, parks, and even in public. I'm not afraid anymore thanks to Blue Exorcist for showing me a new world

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 20 July 2015


Hello, everyone!

Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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Zoeyua Zoeyua 8 May 2015

Rin Okumura - Edit?

Hello Ace,

I offered to edit some pages. Sadly enough I can not edit the page of Rin Okumura. Can you look at it? Or grant me access to that page?



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Zoeyua Zoeyua 7 May 2015

Editing the Blue Exorcist-wikia

Hello everyone,

I have been gone for a long time at this wikia. And I wondered if someone is still actively editing this one. Because a lot of pages do miss quite a lot of information (characters, chapters i.e.). Could someone, maybe, try to help me clean up those pages?

Thank you in advance.

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Baciichocokid Baciichocokid 5 May 2015

Second Season o3o

Ok,so let's repeat this question.

Does anyone believe that  ,with the current number of chapters that has been published ,a second season should be announced?

In my opinion yes..yes it can.Due to Izumo's life story  ,Renzu's AND Bon's revelation(s) this season could be up to 12 or 25 episodes at least!

Like come on now....67 chapters...14 volumes  ,without a second season? There are lots of new characters to bring up! 


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Nicole Janine Holbrook Nicole Janine Holbrook 26 March 2015

Can anybody tell me what episode does Bon give Rin a hair clip

Can any body tell me what episode does Bon give Rin one of his hair clips for his hair.

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AllDahLuvlyBad1s AllDahLuvlyBad1s 15 February 2015

RIP Juuzoz Shima's page

I didn't mean tooo! I wanna apologize. I was changing his name and I should have stopped there... Now it deleted ;-; (i was trying to change the title, then it said there was an error) I'm sorry to the person who took his time to make it. Its just that his names was spelled wrong and it was gonna bother me.


I take full responiably for it. and feel really bad! if needed I will help make another one if needed 

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BeyondTheKiller BeyondTheKiller 29 October 2014

Heyllo New Here

Hey, I new here. So, How does it work?

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XdrakeYONKO XdrakeYONKO 13 June 2014

Lewin Light Master Of Lightning???

hi i am new to this wiki and love ao no exorcist i was wondering if someone could give me a heads up on the rules of the wiki that would be great.

so i was thinking about lewin light aka lightning and a few thoughts came to mind why is he called master of lightning there is a few theory's on the internet

  • hes a demon king
  • he has a lightning based familiar
  • he has a demon blade that generates lightning

personally the last one seems the most likely to me and im all for the idea. I would also like him to be a knight and dragoon it would be cool to see an exorcist that is a master in both. 

let me know your thoughts on lewin and any theory's you may have

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C chrysler C chrysler 2 June 2014

how about random facts about ao no exorcist/blue exorcist

since my last blog was a bust, how about this one.

you can write whatever you want as long as it is appropriate and relevant to ao no exorcist.

so...... now start posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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C chrysler C chrysler 27 May 2014

this is just a blog to post random pictures from blue exorcist

so seriously... post!

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Wrath022 Wrath022 27 April 2014

Chapter 56: Intermission, Review

Late Wrath is late! :D I've been super duper busy, so let's get this shit on the road! \( ^_______^)/

Cover is the feeding chambers. Nothing important; moving on~!

So, basically, the chapter is split into 3 parts: Panic, Sexiness and Jealousy.

I'll make this quick:


All of the infiltration team, except Shiemi, wakes up in their respective feeding chambers and freak the fuck out.


The deliciously sexy Lucifer summons all his followers, tells them that they're doing an awesome as shyt job, and then orders that Rin be returned to Mephisto instead of being killed or captured, as Satan will probably destroy them all if they do either of the latter options. Pedo-in freaks out on the Todo-lookalike when she tells him off for thinking …

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Badluckkitten Badluckkitten 22 March 2014

rin okumura

rin is more than a demon he's actually kindhearted he supports his friends he's sometimes clueless but i know he's the best friend anyone can have

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Wrath022 Wrath022 15 March 2014

Chapter 55: Like Siblings, Review

Okey-doke, so this chapter was fairly decent in content. With that, let's start with the cover.

So the cover is the feet of a Zombie. How cute. I kinda wanted to puke. ( ._.) ...Anyway, the chapter starts off where the last one left off. So the group sees the failed experiment and after a few bullets and some questions, we find out that it's a Zombie and not a ghoul, and that the difference is that Zombie's are actually still alive, meaning they're 100% human. Although, I wouldn't really consider something that's aggressive and wants to eat my face human, the point remains that Rin is being a little bitch about the situation and doesn't want to hurt them. Rather, he wants to save them by exorcising the demons out of their skin, but Yukio te…

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Wrath022 Wrath022 18 February 2014

Chapter 54: I'm Not Going Back to the Order, Review

Sorry this was late. I've been waiting for the official English title (if anyone has Jump Alpha, that'd be great), but whatever. If I get the title I'll rename the blog. Anyway, onto the review!

So the cover is a nice two-page spread of everyone with relevance. We have Pedo-in, who looks really creepy, Rin, Faggot Yukio, Neko, Ryuji, Izumo, Renzo the Traitor, a semi-recognizable Tamamo, that Illuminati lady with no name who has a role in the plot, and Lund and Strom. Overall, a nice cover, pretty good followup from the character poll. I expect a black and white splash next month, personally.

Okay, so basically what happens is Izumo is led to her physical examination, but when she sees Pedo-in she freaks the fuck out, summons her foxes and ge…

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Wrath022 Wrath022 11 January 2014

Chapter 53: I'll Kill You All in Your Sleep, Review

Okay, so...since nobody does this, I'll do it even though the wiki is...kinda dead. ( .___.) Anyway, on to the review~!

So for the cover, we get a popularity poll, which is cool...except that I hate Yukio. I was expecting Amaimon or Rin to be #1, and even though I wasn't too far off in general, I was pretty far off in number...whatever; fuck that four-eyes. ( -__-) Anyhow, so in case you can't see, the order goes, from #1-#10: Yukio Okumura --> Amaimon --> Rin Okumura --> Renzō Shima --> Arthur Auguste Angel --> Izumo Kamiki (my favorite female in this series ^_^) --> Ryūji Suguro --> Mephisto Pheles (sadness at being #8...) --> Kinzō Shima (who only appeared a couple times and yet remains extremely popular) --> and then finally Shiemi Moriy…

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Arisa Amira Okada Arisa Amira Okada 4 October 2013

About me ;3

Hey everyone~! I'm Arisa Amira Okada! But you can call me Arisa! ;3

Well, here are somethings about me, hope you like it or something! ;o

Name: Arisa Amira Okada

Race: Demon.

Birthday: 9 August.

Gender: Female.

Age: 16.

Height: 175.

Weight: 45 kg.

Eyes: Red.

Hair: Gray/Black

Blood Type: B.

Class: Exwire.

Meister type: Knight, tamer.

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Kojiharu Kojiharu 6 July 2013


Hello everyone!I'm shure that all the people who will visit these sites will love the serial. :3

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Torquil Torquil 6 July 2013


Hi this is Torquil( the newest member of this site ^_

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Blueexorcistrinfan Blueexorcistrinfan 27 June 2013

Anime Expo Blue Exorcist week!!

  • 1                                                             WHAT IS UP EVERYBODY?!
  • 2              So is anyone going to ANIME EXPO 2013? (in LOS ANGELES BTW)
  • 3                                        THE BLUE EXORCIST MOVIE!!!
  • 4                                            BLUE EXORCIST MOVIE! 
  • 6                                                             OMFG!





LATERZ!!!!!!!!03:03, June 27, 2013 (UTC)Blueexorcistrinfan (talk)

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Blue Moon

I was thinking about publishing a bokk i've written and i was hoping that you guys could check out the 1st chapter and let me know what you think about it. If i posted it would you do that?

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Orochi 666 Orochi 666 8 June 2013

Hello to everyone :D

Hello to everyone who reads this wiki, I'm new here and I just love Ao No Exorcist. I will be putting in maximum efforts to help improve this wiki and I hope my edits make a difference. :) :)

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TonyMutu TonyMutu 7 June 2013

Thoughts on Ao no Exorcist Anime

Well, i just finished watching the Ao no Exorcist anime adaptation and i would like to share some of my thoughts. As far as technical matters go, the anime was top notch, as it excells in animation (especially battle sequences) and soundtrack choices (this includes the two opening songs which were very uplifting and introduced you very well into the world of Ao no Exorcist). Now, about the story: it was pretty standard. The character of Rin is pretty predictable and bares resemblance to a lot of fellow shounen anime characters who have the urge to act first and then think about the consequencies (it reminds me a lot of Naruto, who also had a 'demonic' power inside him that he had to learn how to control). The supporting cast, with the exce…

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Jmor Jmor 22 November 2012

Hey there

My name is jmor, hope I can be of service! If anyone needs me to edit/add anything, please let me know.

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Ihathann Ihathann 18 September 2012

Blue Exorcist Wiki Exclusive: Interview with Kyle Hebert

I have a very special treat for everyone. Here is an exclusive interview I conducted with Kyle Hebert, who is the English voice of Ryūji Suguro.

ihathann: How did you get into voice acting?

Kyle Hebert: Most actors come from a theatre background, but I actually came from radio. I was always too shy to get on stage and had trouble memorizing dialog. I wanted to do two things since I was a kid: do animation voices and be on the radio as DJ. Ended up getting a degree in broadcasting, landed an internship at a radio network in Dallas, where I stayed for over a decade. Partway through that radio career (DJ, writer/producer, character voice for Radio Disney), I was told about open auditions for Dragonball Z at Funimation. This was back in summer of …

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AnkitDerecho AnkitDerecho 17 September 2012

Blue Exorcist Season 2 – Under Consideration

According to Gigazine, MBS producer Takeda Seiji is considering the second season of action fantasy anime, Ao No Exorcist, if enough manga chapters can be accumulated.

Takeda also announced that the film adaptation of the series is set to premiere at the end of the year and it will be directed by Spirited Away assistant director, Atsushi Takahashi. There will be also a stage play adaptation set for this year according to March issue of Jump Square magazine.

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Wizardq32 Wizardq32 17 September 2012

Yukio's demon abilities

Personally, I don't think Yukio will obtain abilities to the level of Rins flames. I think he will obtain a substancial amount though, enough to be able to enter Gehenna? I see that as a future arc.

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Ihathann Ihathann 9 August 2012

Help Needed!!!!

Please help out this small wikia

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FallenShadow FallenShadow 7 August 2012


Hey, My name is FallenShadow, Or FS for short.

I am this wiki's newest Rollback user and I hope I can conribute a lot. So if you need anything, Just let me know! :D

Some Info About Me: I am Australian.
I am 15 years old.
I am often on chat and contribute on many wiki's.
I am a fan of Blue Excorcist.
Well, that's all. I am not very good at writing blogs.XD

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Saskue12003 Saskue12003 5 August 2012

about this wiki

this wiki concerns me i want to why it concerns me? and what i don't know about this wiki? and want to learn more about this wiki

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Ihathann Ihathann 23 July 2012

Dubbed YouTube link

For all of you who know Blue Exorcist is going to be dubbed. Im here to give you the link to the you tube announcement and give you more infomation on where you can watch blue exorcist dubbed!

Ok first thing first, here is the link

Blue Exorcist dubbed!

Next, right now you can only watch the dubbed verison on neon alley. Using neon alley you can watch multipule dubbed anime off your wii. The dubbed verison of Blue Exorcist will be out in September.

here is the link

Please leave me comments if you have any questions or infomation on this subject :)

21:32, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

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Mike Okumura Mike Okumura 8 July 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry

My Brothers and I went for oviasly a veary long trip i didnt have the greatest internect conection i could go and cheak up on stuff like my E-Mail but i couldent do much of anything els sooo sorry

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Gold Star Gold Star 28 April 2013

Ao no Exorcist is going to be DUBBED!


So Ao no Exorcist is going to be dubbed. For me personally, I don't mind the anime being dudded but I prefer the original Japanese better. Well, it's going to be interesting to hear how they sound in english :P

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 29 June 2012

Related video module coming soon


Over the past couple of months we have been developing and testing a related videos module on some wikis like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Halo. During these tests we have been tracking the number of video plays as well as collecting community feedback. We are now ready to expand the rollout to the rest of the site, and we are starting with wikis that there are the most videos for - which includes your wiki!

The videos we have are fully licensed from video partners we have developed relationships with. They include videos such as trailers, famous movie/TV clips, walkthroughs and behind the scenes interviews. We currently have video content from Screenplay and are working to create partnerships with other vendors, including Hulu, soon. …

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Diodacci Diodacci 5 July 2021

New Arc

Alright, so the last two chapters opened up the potential for either a small filler arc or a long, serious, canonical arc. Already we see the Kraken, which was in the filler episode in the anime, and I'm wondering if maybe the author is following the anime producer's ideas. What do you think of this upcoming arc? What do you expect and what do you hope to see?

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