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Black Dog

黒妖犬 (ブラックドッグ)


Burakku Doggu

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Chapter 80

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Black Dog (黒妖犬 (ブラックドッグ)  Burakku Doggu) is a type demon used by the True Cross Order.


Black Dogs are demons that take the form of large black dogs. They appear to be used for tracking by certain branches of the True Cross Order.


Black Dogs live up to their name in appearing as large black hounds with, long lolling tongues and small white eyes. While unclear if it is a standard of their species, at least one is seen wearing a sharp spiked collar.[1] Later in the series, a better look at one such creature shows it to have a black, jagged, fang filled mouth and black, flame-like wisps coming from the length of its body.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Tracking: Much like ordinary dogs, Black Dogs seem adept at tracking, perhaps moreso than their earthly equivalents as the Order used several to track down Yukio Okumura's team through a blizzard and also track a small, white snake in the snow.[3][4]


  • Black Dogs are a common apparition from the British Isles known by various names and often associated with death.


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