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Arthur Auguste Angel



Āsā Ōgyusuto Enjeru






Male Male




185 cm (6'1")


79 kg (174 lbs)


December 1st

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Professional Status

True Cross Order




Angelic Legion


Lewin Light

Base of Operations

Vatican Main Office

Exorcist Information

Upper First Class Exorcist (former)





Personal Status



Hilkiah Uzai (Guardian)
Jeremiah Uzai (Adoptive Brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 14

Anime Debut

Episode 16

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Daisuke Ono

English Voice

David Vincent

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Arthur Auguste Angel (アーサー・オーギュスト・エンジェル Āsā Ōgyusuto Enjeru) is the newly appointed Paladin of the True Cross Order.


Arthur is a tall, rather thin man with very long, tied up, blond hair and blue eyes. He sports a custom-made[1] white, red-lined coat that is adorned with several gold ropes and many gold buttons; around his waist, Arthur also sports two belts, one white and one black, with golden buckles. He keeps the sheath to Caliburn attached to the black belt, which hangs loosely around his waist. Beneath his coat, Arthur wears a collared shirt with a dark red tie, complete with a gold cross imprinted on the front. Finally, Arthur finishes his attire by donning white, red-soled boots. Additionally, on his left ear, Arthur wears a wireless communicator with which he can contact and receive messages from the Vatican and Grigori.[2]


Arthur's dense persona

Arthur's dense persona

Arthur is a serious man, keeping to the rules and regulations set by the Grigori and executing them as per their orders, regardless of the situation. He is also able to keep his composure in the midst of tense situations, though he is also extremely dense and is unable to recognize when he is being made fun of[3][4] or teased.[5] By contrast, however, he is also quite conceited.[6] Beneath Arthur's outward denseness lies a darker, more sadistic personality that hates everything related to Demons, and going beyond even that for anything satanic; indeed, Arthur needlessly severed Rin's leg during Mephisto's trial so as to "prevent violence",[7] and scorns Rin's very existence every chance he gets.[5]


Training Camp arc

Note: The anime's version of this arc deviates from the established canon. To read the anime's account of the events, click here.

Arthur watches the blue blaze

Arthur watches the blue blaze

Appearing before Shura, Yukio and the Exwires, Arthur gazes at the blue blaze and makes a note that no matter how you look at Rin's flames, their shade is just like those that appeared during the Blue Night. Wasting no time, he orders his subordinate to restrain and take statements from the Exwires, as well as get their injuries treated by medics, as well as let the fire brigade use the Grade A Holy Water that's stored at the academy to extinguish the blaze; he finishes by telling him to hurry up. Turning around to formally address the group, Arthur gives them his name and Exorcist rank: Arthur Auguste Angel, the newly appointed Paladin of the True Cross Order. He, however, smiles at Shura and jokingly states that he is now her boss. Arthur, however, wastes no time getting to the point and asks Shura what she's doing, as she was supposed to find out if Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles were conspiring with one another, and has reported any findings. When met with the reply that she isn't the only spy at work, Arthur begins to state her other mission, but he is interrupted by a flame-consumed Rin, who viciously arrives before Arthur and the others, accompanied by Mephisto. Arthur is then greeted by Mephisto, who notes that is has been a long time since their last meeting whilst congratulating him on becoming the Paladin; Arthur ignores this and completes stating Shura's other mission: if she were to find anything related to Satan, then immediate elimination was required. Gazing at Rin, Arthur asks Shura if the "beast" spouting blue flames reminds her of Satan.[8]

Arthur takes Shura hostage

Arthur holds Caliburn to Shura's throat

As Rin is quelled by Mephisto, Arthur tells Mephisto that he's finally "shown his tail" and that the Grigori will be informed of his betrayal, citing that the just-ending incident is all the evidence he needs, however Mephisto tells Arthur that he's being rude to a gentleman such as he. Drawing Caliburn, his Demon Sword, Arthur asks it to give him strength and it replies back, stating that it will gladly give some to him. Arthur then quickly rushes forward and grabs Rin by the throat, claiming, aloud, that he will, by the order of the Grigori, execute the spawn of Satan, though he is stopped by Shura. As she motions to strike him, Arthur appears behind her and hold Caliburn to her throat, asking if she's switched over to Mephisto's side, something which she vehemently denies. Arthur then states that he remembers that Shiro once asked her to teach Rin how to use a Demon Sword, but then adds on that she made fun of him for earlier saying so. He then asks her if she intends to comply with the will of her dead teacher; Arthur describes Shiro as the most incompetent person who ever received the Paladin title; Shura then proceeds to insult Arthur, but it goes over his head. Just then, the man receives orders from the Grigori to arrest Mephisto and bring him to trial, as well as take the "spawn of Satan" as evidence. Grabbing Rin, Arthur tells Shura that she will have to act as a witness before ordering his subordinate to take the Exwires. However, Arthur discovers that Yukio is their teacher and acknowledges him as such. Tired of Rin's goodbyes, Arthur pulls on him and forces him through the "Door of the Accused", putting him directly in the court room where Mephisto will be judged.[9]

Arthur angered by Mephisto's words

Arthur calls Mephisto out on his "wager"

As they walk inside, Arthur orders Rin to kneel and kicks him to the ground, impaling his leg to prevent him from moving. Over the top of Shura's outcry, Arthur states that his wound will heal soon enough and that it's to prevent Rin from acting violent. As the court is called to session, Arthur is addressed by the judge, Timotēe Timowan, as the Paladin.[10] As Mephisto asks the Grigori let Rin live and see if he will become a Demon King or the savior of Assiah, Arthur protests, demanding that they don't let themselves be fooled by Mephisto, as he is a Demon who specializes in coercion. Going on, Arthur shouts that he conspired with Shiro to raise Satan's spawn, as well as assuming that this was done to overthrow the Order from within, finishing by stating that if they take his wager, they'll be falling for his trick. He then watches, however, as Rin begins to rage at their judgment of him, and when he finishes brings Caliburn to his throat, mocking Rin's want to become the Paladin. When Rin counter-mocks Arthur for his outfit, stating that it would be awful if the Paladin had to wear horrible clothing such as his, Arthur ignores the comment and tells Rin that it was custom-made. Bringing his sword up to swing, Arthur is stopped by the higher-ups, who ultimately decide to take Mephisto's wager.[11]

True Cross Academy Festival arc

Angel Slash

Arthur uses Angel Slash on the Impure Princess

In Yemen with Lewin Light, Arthur converses with an old man who claims that no one can see the Impure Princess, the kin of Astaroth, and tells him to rest assured, as he will eliminate the Demon. Arthur is then sarcastically complimented by Lewin, who tells him that he's blinded by his brightness; Arthur doesn't completely comprehend what he says but turns around and tells his friend that he, too, can shine one day. Turning around to address the real matter at hand, Arthur is told that the Impure Princess has been fully revived by an intruder who reunited its divided heart. Hearing that someone ate the pieces of the heart to do so, Arthur interrupts Lewin's statement that the cases of Yemen and Kyoto are related and tells him to leave defeating the Impure Princess to him, as he is insulted that the child of Satan defeated a Demon the likes of the Impure King when he, the Paladin, should have been informed and dispatched to exterminate it. Proclaiming that he must show off his power as the Paladin and save people from Satan, Arthur jumps from the sandy ledge and draws Caliburn, telling it to awaken and lend him its power. Caliburn, however, tells Arthur that it needs his hair to defeat something as strong as the Impure Princess; he complies and gives his sword a lock of his hair before using his Angel Slash, bifurcating and killing the great Demon in one slash.[12]

Arthur reports to the Grigori

Arthur gives his report on the Demon Eater

Arthur then rushes to the woman that was ejected from the corpse of the Demon and holds her whilst threatening her with Caliburn, asking her who she is and why she revived the Impure Princess. However, his questions are never answered, as the woman is taken over by the remnants of the Princess; before she dies she tells Arthur that the day when true enlightenment and harmony comes to people is nearing. Repulsed by the stench the woman's corpse lets off, Arthur brushes Lewin's comment about reporting to the Vatican off and instead curses the woman, calling her a Demon. Arthur, however, does later report to the Vatican and informs them of the woman and her inability to tolerate the power of the Impure Princess. As Arthur listens to Lewin and the Grigori talk back and forth, Mephisto interrupts them and asks how to deal with Rin Okumura; Arthur scorns the Grigori's decision to suspend his execution. Then, like the others present, Arthur is ordered to hunt the so-called "Demon Eaters".[13]

Mephisto states that the Gate cannot be closed

Arthur learns that Mephisto cannot close the Gehenna Gate

Later on, in Russia, Arthur and his team (the Angelic Legion) fight a multitude of Demons at an abandoned factory, wherein he orders Lewin to get to work. However, Arthur's attention is gathered by Shura, who tells him that something dangerous lies within the factory. Spying the strange dark mass, Arthur puts his hand to his mouth in horror; Lewin laughs and calls the mass interesting, angering Arthur and causing him to demand that he tell him what it is, to which he is told that it is the Gehenna Gate.[14] Confused, Arthur tells Lewin that he thought that only Satan could open the Gate and asks if that means Satan is present; Lewin tells him that the Gate is artificially created. With the Demon numbers increasing with the Gate's expansion, Arthur asks if there is a way to close the Gate, to which he is told that a specialist is needed, causing him to grit his teeth with the realization that he will need to request Mephisto's help. Angered, Arthur realizes that he has no way out of contacting the man and orders his team to retreat.[15] Arthur later calls Mephisto and invites him to Russia; he is picked on by Lewin for ignoring Mephisto, causing him to burst out in anger. However, Arthur soon becomes shocked when Mephisto says the he cannot close the Gate and that it will slowly expand and make its way into Assiah.[16]

Arthur addresses Yukio

Arthur coldly addresses Yukio

Arthur later bears witness to Mephisto stopping time around the fake Gehenna Gate for a period of four to five months, and is then told that when his spell wears off, the expansion of the Gate will cause a catastrophic disaster. Then, with unease etched onto his face, Arthur listens as Lewin tells everyone present that their enemy is, quite obviously, the Illuminati.[17] Sometime later, Arthur sits with the Grigori and his other fellow Exorcists as Yukio Okumura signs the Morinath Contract and gives his account of Saburota Todo's actions and behaviors during the revival of the Impure King. After he finishes, Arthur chimes in, telling Yukio not to take the Morinas Contract lightly, as if he breaks any terms the Demon who produced the contract will kill him; he emotionlessly refers to Yukio as Rin's twin brother. As the man leaves, Arthur tells everyone present that he likes Yukio, as his behavior is starkly different from Rin's, as well as that him signing the Morinas Contract was Lewin's idea. With Shura berating him for his lack of intellect, Arthur merely replies that Lewin is the schemer and he is the symbol of the True Cross Order. However, with Lewin revealing that the True Cross Order has three Illuminati spies hiding in its midst, Arthur asks Shura if anyone comes to mind; when she says she does but can't prove anything, Arthur officially tasks her with weeding out the spy.[18]

Arthur opts to kill the spy

Arthur opts to kill the spy

Some days later, Arthur contacts Shura via wireless earpiece and asks her if she's accomplished anything and, when she states that she can't uncover anymore evidence, tells her that they've found the Vatican spy and that they're going to question him. Hanging up on her, Arthur turns to the spy and tells him that he can't forgive him for being a traitorous saint, as it tarnishes its name. Drawing Caliburn, he tells the spy to prepare himself.[19] Arthur then proceeds to brutalize the Illuminati spy, but is stopped by Lewin before he can kill him; Arthur tells Lewin that the spy isn't talking because of the presence of other spies in the Order. However, just then they find out the doors are locked, causing the spy to speak: he states that his goal was to keep Lewin and Arthur away from the commotion outside, but when Lewin reveals the door plot to be a ruse, Arthur wonders aloud why he didn't inform him of his plan; Arthur, though, then keeps silent as Lewin threatens the spy with his hostage-taken family. Expressing curiosity, Arthur listens to the spy as he reveals that their plan is to kidnap Izumo Kamiki.[20]

Not much later, Arthur is contacted by Shura, as Izumo is in danger, but Arthur comments that he'll be in Japan in approximately 30 more seconds and that when he arrives, they'll have nothing more to fear; a Seraphim appears before the group.[21] Speaking the words of the Illuminati's leader, Lucifer, Lewin tells Arthur that it's probable that Seraphims have appeared before the Grigori, causing Arthur to spiral into panic[22] and rush towards the group of three.[23] Reaching the door that leads to the Grigori, Arthur opens it in haste and calls out their name.[24]

Exorcist Exam arc

Arthur is seen being in attendance at a conference debriefing the aftermath of the Illuminati incident at Shimane. In a discussion around the zombies at the facility, Drac Dragulesc informs that they were only killed after destroying its brain stems over thirty times. Arthur urges for more efficiency in dealing with such demons, as "lower ranking exorcists will have difficulty destroying their brain stems thirty times in battle."[25]

Arthur also expresses his deep distrust in Mephisto at the meeting and accuses him of being the traitor that is allowing the Gate to widen further and allow for the potential destruction of Assiah.

After the meeting, Lightning asks Arthur to find a reason to assign him to the Japan Branch to investigate further into the Illuminati.

Blue Night Investigation arc

Mephisto reveals to Lightning and Suguro that Arthur came from Asylum and is a survivor of the Blue Night. He also signed a Contract of Morinath to prevent disclosure of the event or of Section 13; however, he lost his memory that night and does not remember anything.[26]

Blue Night Remembrance arc

Of One Cloth arc

Meister & Abilities

Knight (騎士 (ナイト) , Naito): As he utilizes a Demon Sword, Arthur specializes in the Knight Meister; being the Paladin, Arthur is extremely strong and, as such, is highly proficient in the use of his large and heavy blade, using it quickly and with ease for many tasks.[27][28][7]

Zodiac Slash

Arthur's Zodiac Slash

  • Zodiac Slash: Utilizing Caliburn, Arthur encases his body in energy that takes the shape of his sword and charges upward. The attack is capable of destroying multiple enemies at once, but the higher he travels, the more momentum Arthur loses, resulting in power loss and potential interruption of the attack.[29]
  • Angel Slash (エンジェルスラッシュ Enjeru Surasshu): After cutting a lock of his hair with Caliburn, Arthur swings the Demon Sword and creates a destructive wave of energy that can completely destroy something the likes of the Impure Princess in a single hit.[30]
  • Angelic Slasher Thunderbolt: Creating a light duplicate of Caliburn to create a bow, Arthur fires multiple arrows of light.[31][32]
  • Angelic Ray: Glowing brightly, Arthur launches forward at incredible speed, piercing through his target.[33]

Enhanced Strength: Arthur is incredibly strong, as he can lift Rin Okumura by the neck with one hand[27] and swing the large and heavy sword with the utmost ease and efficiency.[34]

Immense Speed: Arthur is extremely fast; so much so that it appears as though he is teleporting. Combined with his proficient use of Caliburn, this allows him to take people completely off guard and effectively render them helpless.[35]

Spectral Awareness: As he is an Exorcist, Arthur had to perform the Mashō Rite, thereby allowing him to see Demons.[36]


Caliburn (カリバーン Karibān): Caliburn is Arthur's Demon Sword and sole weapon. Taking the shape of a stylized broadsword, Caliburn is large and heavy with no actual cutting point; rather, the edge of the blade is flat and sharp, taking a shape reminiscent of a guillotine, allowing Arthur to perform executions in a similar manner. Caliburn is also sentient, as he responds to Arthur's every word, often in manners of affection.[37] To use techniques of a certain caliber, Caliburn also requires a tribute, such as a lock of Arthur's hair.[38]


  • (To the traitor) "For the traitor to be a saint like myself, I can't help but be angered. It is an honor to be called a saint. You had best prepare yourself."[39]


  • From Volume 11 Bonus:
    • Arthur's pastimes and talents are wine, food, listening to orchestral music, opera, and musicals.
    • His average hours of sleep per night is 6.
    • His favorite food is French.
    • His favorite type of girl is a dignified and virtuous lady.
  • Arthur ranked 5th place in the 2014 character Popularity Poll with 979 votes, and he ranked 1st place in the 15th Anniversary character popularity poll with 8,883 votes.


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