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Yukio Okumura

The Armumahel Pistols are a type of small arm developed by the Illuminati. Making use of the crystallised body of Armumahel, they are capable of harming high level demons.[1]


The pistols make use of the gems produced from Armumahel, making them incredibly powerful exorcist weapons, but because they share traits with the Black Flames of Gehenna, they cause memory loss over time, which is why they were never mass-produced. However, because Yukio Okumura is immune to black flames, Lucifer gives him the pistols as a gift.[2] While eager to use them, they required further testing and adjustment before being handed over to Yukio.[3]

Instead of ammunition, the guns rely on battery power, expending 9 shots for a third of the charge. The amount of charge used for any given shot can be adjusted.[4]


This gun can only be used by Yukio due to his resistance to the Flames of Gehenna.

One-Third Energy Shot: Using one-third of the battery power Yukio can shoot nine Concentrated Armumahel bullets.

Full Energy Shot: by elongating the amount of time his hand stays on the trigger to use the full capacity of the Armumahel battery. Doing this is not advantageous because it will take a long time to recharge.


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