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Hello and welcome to the Ao no Exorcist Wiki. There are very few policies which apply across all of Wikia; the ones that do can be found at their Policy Category.

In addition to these policies, there have been policies and guidelines that have been developed on the Ao no Exorcist Wiki to further our goal of creating an informative Ao no Exorcist database. Our policies apply to all editors.

We at the Ao no Exorcist Wiki strive to create a welcoming and fun environment for those who are civil and assume good faith in others, seek consensus in discussions, and work towards the goal of creating an increasingly comprehensive database about everything in the Ao no Exorcist Universe.

Policies need to be approached with common sense; adhere to the spirit rather than the lettering of the rules, and be prepared to break the rules on the rare occasion when they conflict with the goal of improving the wiki.

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Hello and welcome to the Ao no Exorcist Wiki. Please take your time when reading this page so as to not skip over any important details. This page will help you find a place to begin if you desire to contribute to the wiki by editing articles, and even serves as a refresher to veteran editors.

Most of what is listed here pertains to articles, but in general, this is a loose guide to help you get the feel of becoming a member of our community and of editing.

This page should generally be read in conjunction with the layout guide if you plan on contributing to our articles.

As we know, all wikis have a manual of style that they use to keep their articles clean and neatly organized, and the Ao no Exorcist Wiki is no exception. Below are many of the guidelines that we follow. Please take your time when reading and follow the guidelines as closely as possible when editing. Thank you and enjoy your stay as an Ao no Exorcist Wikian.


  • In-Universe: Articles should be written in an In-Universe format (i.e. phrases such as "In the anime" or "In the True Cross Academy arc" are unacceptable). Though there are some situations in which you must deviate from format, these situations are case-by-case, and if deemed necessary, will be allowed.


All articles are to be written in present tense, with the exception of the History section only, which is to be written in past tense.

Images and Videos

As it stands, no images are to be uploaded to the site, excluding ones uploaded by Wrath022. There is categorization being done, and any manga or anime images uploaded by anyone but himself will merely add to his workload. Thank you for your consideration.

Videos must pertain to the Ao no Exorcist series, and are not be put on any article without first asking permission.

Spelling in Words

It has been acknowledged that there are several different types of English; the Ao no Exorcist Wiki uses American English, rather than deviations such as British English, for our main form of language. Several differences will be listed below; for more differences, see American and British English spelling differences on Wikipedia.

Flag of UK
Flag of USA
Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum
Moustache Mustache Mustache
Sledge Sled Sled
Speciality Specialty Specialty

Flag of UK
Flag of USA
-our (Armour) -or (Armor) -or
-re (Centre) -er (Center) -er
-ce (Licence) -se (License) -se
-ise (Organise) -ize (Organize) -ize
-ogue (Catalogue) -og (Catalog) -og
No dropped e (ageing) Dropped e (aging) Dropped e


The Trivia section is for proven and relevant facts that pertain to the article. Fan speculation or "what-ifs/could bes" are not allowed, as are junk-type pieces of information, and will be removed on sight.

Talk Pages

Talk Pages are for discussing any changes to the article it pertains to, or for maintenance purposes. General questions, conversations, and speculative material are to be placed in forums (see here).


The quotes section is for relevant quotes that showcase the character's personality or personal feelings, not for random words that anyone could have said in the same situation. Also while there is cursing in Ao no Exorcist, it is only necessary to use it in the quotes section in use with relevant quotes. Adding non-relevant quotes with random curse words and/or just putting down random curse words that may have been said is not acceptable.

Page Edits

  • Here at the Ao no Exorcist Wiki, we stick to simple paragraph format. The formats of other styles including tiered or numbered styles are too complex and are prone to disorder, and are therefore not supported here.
  • Please refrain from adding ambiguous content to the articles. While there is possibly more reason to believe where the information is going to lead, until confirmed it is not supported. In other words while we as users may have a reason to logically believe where a story is going or what someone in the story will do, we in fact do not know until it has happened.
  • If something is added to an article it must be referenced, no exceptions.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Please refrain from adding speculative content into the Weapons & Abilities section. While the section is based on the skills and talents seen and spoken of we as users cannot take liberties with content. Such as assuming someone has skill in something without possibly knowing the truth of it as they have yet to either use it or the information has never been spoken of in series.

Fan Fiction and Fan Art

  1. Under no circumstance is fan fiction or fan art to be added to any article on the site, nor may any pages be created in the mainspace for such a purpose. Keep all fan fiction or fan art to blogs, or your user page.
  2. Fan art can be uploaded, but only if it stays solely on your user page, or find itself in a blog for whatever reason. No pornographic images may be uploaded.

Appearances in Other Media

  1. All information from Ao no Exorcist video games, OVAs, Omakes (not the 4-panel extras that appear in volume extras), and the movie are to be placed here in an organized manner, not in any other section.
  2. As the anime deviates rather considerably from the main plot, rather than being placed haphazardly in the middle of the synopsis, it is to be placed in this section from where the deviation occurs. Anime-exclusive additions to certain parts of established canon are not to be placed here and are to remain added on to the source material in the main synopsis.

Vandalism and Language

  1. Removing referenced and proven content from the pages is considered vandalism.
  2. This is a encyclopedia of information on Ao no Exorcist; we use official and correct terms in explanation on appearance. Vulgar and/or slang terms are not the preferred forms to use.


  1. Do not speculate on the article pages (meaning if something has not been stated or shown and cannot be properly referenced, it is not a fact). Please refer all speculation to the Watercooler.

Source Referencing

  1. All information added to the articles on this wiki (minus chapter/episode pages) must be referenced; there are no exceptions.
  2. Trusted sources for referencing include: the manga, anime, official guidebooks, official material, officially proven interviews and Kazue Katō.
  3. The manga is always the primary source for referencing. In the case of a discrepancy between the manga and the anime, the manga will always take preference and the anime differences will be ignored entirely. Whilst anime references can be included alongside manga references to supplement them (usually via content that doesn't interfere with the established manga timeline), please remember that the manga comes first.
  • Please do not count fan-added pages in the page count. This is considered to be a faulty reference and your addition will be removed.
  • When referencing the manga, the cover is counted in the page count of the overall content of the chapter, usually due to it being not at the beginning of the chapter, but several pages in.
    • When making a reference with the cover by itself, you are to refer to it as the cover in the reference, not as whatever page it is on. (i.e. <ref>Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 1, Cover</ref>)
  • Two-page spreads are counted as one page when referencing.
  • If you are referencing a chapter or episode, there is no need to describe your reference. Simply put the chapter or episode in which it occurred and the reader, if they are curious, can go to the chapter/episode themselves.
  • Do not just put a chapter for a reference. Please put the page(s) the happening occurred on as well.
  • Once nine references accumulate on a page, a scroll box needs to be added. This is done so that references don't consume a large amount of page space.
    • Most users tend to have trouble with scroll boxes, so merely copy-paste the code onto pages exactly like this:
{{Scroll box
  • References should be in this format:
For manga references: <ref>Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter X, Pages X-X</ref>
Replace "X" with the chapter number and page number(s).
For anime references: <ref>Ao no Exorcist Anime: Episode X</ref>
Replace "X" with the episode number.
For omake references: <ref>Ao no Exorcist Omake: Kuro Runs Away, Pages X-X</ref>
Replace "X" with the page number(s).
For OVA references: <ref>Ao no Exorcist OVA: Kuro Runs Away</ref>

Note: Some things on a page will have the same reference. In the event that that occurs, please use the following format:

For Duplicate Anime References: <ref name="Ep1">Ao no Exorcist Anime: Episode 1</ref>
For Duplicate Manga References: <ref name="Chap1p1-2">Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 1, Pages 1-2</ref>
  • If you use the duplicate manga reference, the two or more things being referenced must have the exact same chapter and page.
  • Also, once you place the initial duplicate reference:
    <ref name="Episode 1">Ao no Exorcist Anime: Episode 1</ref>
    The next duplicate reference can just be:
    <ref name="Ep1"/>
    <ref name="Chap1p1-2"/>.

Outside References

  1. This is the Ao no Exorcist Wiki about the Ao no Exorcist series, and as such, any references to other anime or manga is heavily discouraged and is therefore not to be referenced unless something is officially stated by Kazue Katō herself.

Capitalization of words

On this wiki, you will see many words capitalized, some of which because it is common sense to do so, others for emphasis. The following is a list of words that need capitalization. Do not change them:

Character Names
Organization Names
Exorcist Ranks



Do not provide works, data, and/or images of other sites to the Ao no Exorcist Wiki if it may/will violate the terms of the Use and Policy of both the Wiki and the site in question. As the editors of their respective sites worked hard on their articles, it is unjust to copy and claim the information as their own without contributing credit to the original contributor. If anyone is caught plagiarizing from other sites without contributing their sources and/or violating their policy, the content will be removed. The user responsible for the content will be subjected to punishment depending on the severity of the plagiarized work. The punishment can range from a warning to permanent removal from the Ao no Exorcist Wiki. Exceptions to the case include: the material contributed is by the original contributor that provided the information to both the sites, or have some form of approval from the site in question. Original artwork and anime images that are not claimed and/or distributed by any other sites (e.g. images edited from public distributed files, such as raw scans, manga Tankōbon, or images from the anime) are excluded. In addition, official sites and shopping sites, such as auction sites or direct sale sites, and Ao no Exorcist Wiki sites of an alternate language are excluded as well.

If anyone finds any information that has been potentially plagiarized from sites other than the exceptions given in the last paragraph, please report it to one of the active Admins. While stating why it is to be considered plagiarized and providing proof of plagiarized works is optional, it would greatly speed up the checking and execution processes. If you wish, you may also remove the plagiarized content yourself, but please do report it and make sure that you're only removed that which is blatantly plagiarized.

Wiki Users

Becoming a user is quick, easy, and can be quite fun. Being a user can provide you with many benefits, such as everlasting friendships; strong bonds are what build a community. However, please do not use information from this wiki for you own personal benefit. If you are an anonymous contributor and wish to create an account, this page will help you greatly. If you have created an account and wish for help on how to decorate your user page, then please refer yourself to this page or ask one of the other users here.


No useless, redundant or frivolous categories are to be created. If you see a category be added to a page that it doesn't pertain to, it is considered to be vandalism and warrants immediate removal.

Creating an Article

Any user may create a new page, but please keep both this page and the layout guide in mind while doing so.

Character page

Any and all characters in the Ao no Exorcist series, whether it is an anime, manga or video game-only character, may have his/her own page, as long as they meet the following criteria.

  • Must be involved in the storyline; this means no background characters. In other words, if a character is only seen standing or sitting but does not interact or have any lines it is not worthy.
  • May have only been referred to but never featured, such as any character who is mentioned by name that has enough valid information to create a TOC (4+ sections) and/or has an impact on the storyline.


Any location that has been named or at least mentioned may have its own article. When creating an article for a location, please use the location template.


Any organization that has a relevance to the storyline will have an article. This includes organizations such as the True Cross Order or the Illuminati. Groups of people who are considered to be as one may also have article.

Chapters and Episodes

All chapters and episodes will have their own articles, and they must maintain the same format that all other episode pages and chapter pages have. An example of each are the first anime episode and the first manga chapter.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.