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Ao no Exorcist Home Sweet Home

Kanji 青の祓魔師 ホーム・スイート・ホーム
Romaji Ao no Ekusoshisuto Hōmu・Suīto・Hōmu
Jpn Release Date December 9, 2012
ISBN 978-4-08-703283-3
Language Japanese
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Blue Exorcist: Home Sweet Home (青の祓魔師 (エクソシスト) ホーム・スイート・ホーム Ao no Ekusoshisuto Hōmu・Suīto・Hōmu) is the second Ao No Exorcist novel. It is written by Kazue Katō and Aya Yajima, with illustrations also drawn by Kazue Katō.

This novel centers around past events from when Rin, Yukio, Ryuji, Renzo and Konekomaru were children and when Juzo Shima and Mamushi Hojo were students at True Cross Academy.

The novel was released digitally in Japan on February 3rd, 2017.

Release Notes[]

  • ISBN: 978-4-08-703283-3
  • 224 pages
  • List Price: ¥648 (+tax)
  • First printings of the novel came with a small trading card-sized postcard featuring the cover art design and a double-sided poster with exclusive artwork from Kazue Katō.


  1. Home Sweet Home「ホーム・スイート・ホーム Hōmu・Suīto・Hōmu
  2. Snake and Poison「蛇と毒 Hebi to Doku
  3. Merry Christmas Someday「いつかのメリークリスマス Itsuka no Merīkurisumasu
  4. With Love from the King of the Earth「地の王より愛をこめて Chi no Ō yori Ai o Komete
  5. Afterword「あとがき Atogaki


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