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Bloody Fairytale

Ao no Exorcist Bloody Fairytale

Kanji 青の祓魔師 ブラッディ・フェアリーテイル
Romaji Ao no Ekusoshisuto Buraddi Fearīteiru
Jpn Release Date March 9, 2014
ISBN 978-4-08-703309-0
Language Japanese
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Blue Exorcist: Bloody Fairytale (青の祓魔師 (エクソシスト) ブラッディ・フェアリーテイル Ao no Ekusoshisuto Buraddi Fearīteiru) is the fourth Ao No Exorcist novel. It is written by Kazue Katō and Aya Yajima, with illustrations also drawn by Kazue Katō.

The novel was released digitally in Japan on February 3rd, 2017.

Release Notes[]

  • IBSN: 978-4-08-703309-0
  • 224 pages
  • List Price: ¥650 (+tax)
  • First printings of the novel came with a small trading card-sized postcard featuring the cover art design and a double-sided poster with exclusive artwork from Kazue Katō.


  1. Prologue「プロローグ Purorōgu
  2. Drunken Angel「酔いどれ天使 Yoidore Tenshi
  3. Bloody Fairytale「ブラッディ・フェアリーテイル Buraddi Fearīteiru
  4. Money・Money・Money「マネー・マネー・マネー Manē・Manē・Manē
  5. Popularity Poll Special Episode - Upper Rank Characters Grand Meeting Summit「人気投票スペシャルエピソード 上位キャラ大集合サミット Ninki Tōhyō Supesharu Episōdo Jōi Kyara Dai Shūgō Samitto
  6. Afterword「あとがき Atogaki



  • The Popularity Poll Special Episode references the results from the voting poll performed in Japan back in 2013 where fans were asked to rank the main characters. The results were illustrated on a two-page color spread by Kazue Katō that was published with Chapter 53 on the Jump SQ. magazine.
  • An audio drama CD was released for the chapter Money・Money・Money that was packaged with limited editions of the 18th Blue Exorcist manga volume.

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