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Ao no Exorcist「Anime Special: Ura Eku」is an anime extra series that was included in the DVDs and Blu-rays of the first season of the Ao no Exorcist anime. Each episode is an animated version of a short comic panel that the author Kazue Katō inserts in between chapters as transitions in the collected tankōbon. All episodes are about 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

Ura Eku 1[]

Ura Eku 1

Yukio is counting the moles on his body in the bathroom of the dorm. He counts ten thousand of them, but suddenly notices a strange pattern of moles that hasn't been there before, in the shape of the Hokuto Shichi Sei from Fist of the North Star. He also sees another mole that has just appeared, flashing red, a sign of death. He panics when he thinks the number of moles are increasing and looks at his hand. His hand is suddenly covered with moles and more keep appearing. He screams. It is then revealed that Rin was calling for him and that it was all a dream...

Ura Eku 2[]

Ura Eku 2

Yukio is narrating while an image of Shiemi's house appears. He says that it isn't a dream, but rather the future, and it is more frightening than a nightmare. Inside the house, Shiemi is telling Yukio how she became much healthier after attending the Exorcist Cram School. She takes out an old family photo and lets Yukio take a look at it. Yukio looks at it and sees a photo of Shiemi with her mother and grand-mother. Seeing Shiemi's mother as a beautiful woman, he is very surprised about how Shiemi looks so different from both her mother and grandmother, but he was more surprised about the change in her mother's appearance. His vision moves to Shiemi, to her mother and to her grand-mother and repeats multiple times, while speeding up. Shiemi's mother enters the room and Yukio compares her with her image on the picture. He looks at Shiemi and it is implied that Shiemi might follow the same aging route as her mother, becoming beautiful, and eventually fatter and smaller.

Ura Eku 3[]

Ura Eku 3 1

In the dorm, Rin is hiding his long tail that is wrapped around his chest and examining it. Yukio warns him to hide it well or else people will notice. Rin opens his shirt as his tail wags back and forth like a cuckoo clock. He jokes about it but Yukio threatens Rin holding a slipper. In the classroom, no one is there except Shiemi, who is studying. Rin peeks from behind and creeps toward her. He smirks having an idea. Rin clutches his stomach when Shiemi notices him. She asks what's wrong when suddenly, something is poking out from Rin's back inside his shirt. Shiemi is surprised and scared as the bump is popping from Rin's chest. He is lying on his knees seemingly in pain as he calls out to her. Shiemi looks in horror, wondering what is happening to him. Rin reaches out begging for help as the thing inside Rin is bursting out multiple times from his body. Next, Shiemi's soul is lurking from her mouth, in a shocked fainted state. Yukio has furiously beat Rin unconscious by slippers, his tail out in the open. Rin was actually playing a prank on Shiemi using his tail inside his shirt but Yukio berates that the joke is too upsetting.

Ura Eku 4[]

Ura Eku 4

Mephisto, Amaimon and Behemoth are in Mephisto's room, playing video games and eating snacks. While Mephisto is focusing on the game, Amaimon constantly snoops, telling Mephisto every time he found something delicious. In the video game, Mephisto is kicking Amaimon's ass and Mephisto yells at Amaimon to stop eating and to focus on the game. Because Amaimon's fingers are dirty, he whipes them off on Behemoth's skin, who's sleeping on the floor. Mephisto makes a combo in the game and defeats Amaimon's character. While Mephisto is boasting his victory, Amaimon is nibbling on Mephisto's specially designed pink controller. Mephisto gets mad at Amaimon and Behemoth protects his master by jumping on Mephisto and trying to eat him, from the head down. Amaimon eats the Mephisto Controller and tells his brother it was delicious.

Ura Eku 5[]

At first, Rin is introducing Sugoro and saying his age, birthday, horoscope and blood type. He says Sugoro's fringe is his symbol and he works hard every day as an exwire. He also says that he just finds out that Sugoro is very concerned about his fearsome eyes.

Ura Eku 5

Then, we find Suguro as he explains how his morning goes. He wakes up at half past five and he has done his revision and preparation the previous night. Also, he can't see anything because of his fringe. At six o'clock, he does a indispensable morning run, while clipping his fringe up so he can see. He then sets his hair at seven o'clock and Konekomaru has just woken up.

At eight o'clock, Shima has just woken up and Konekomaru tells him Sugoro has gone to school. Shima said it's impossible to get up at half past five and it should be eight o'clock. Rin says it is too late to wake up at eight o'clock.

Ura Eku 6[]


Shima speaking to Rin.

Shima is first shown on his cell phone. He calls Rin and tells him that he is "facing this year's biggest crisis", and Bon and Konekomaru have already abandoned him. He says that Rin is the only one he can rely on, and Rin is confused, asking what Shima needed to rely on him for. Shima tells him not to turn his cell phone, and he tells Rin to "let me hear your voice until I clear this trial". Rin acts all passive, telling Shima good luck and hangs up on him. Shima stares down at the ground and it is shown that he is in front of his house staring at a cicada. He acts all timid and tries to step on it, but he just keeps kicking it to the side. Then the cicada flies to the screen and you hear Shima screaming. Later, there is a black screen and Shima is saying, "After that, I do not remember how I got into my room."

Ura Eku 7[]

Izumo and Kuro

Izumo feeding Kuro

Izumo is feeding Kuro with cat food and thinks that Kuro is cute. She asks if it is delicious and Kuro says it's not bad. Izumo is taking out a cat toy when she suddenly stops. Konekomaru appears and plays with Kuro. Izumo is hiding and holding the same toy Konekomaru is using to play with Kuro, because it was too embarrassing. Paku then appears when Izumo is panting. After that, Izumo hears that Kuro is going away with Rin and Konekomaru. Paku then asks Izumo if she wants to go together and Izumo slowly nods her head.

Ura Eku 8[]

Mephisto's dog form

Mephisto sleeping while being in his dog form.

This episode is about a day with Mephisto in his dog form. First he is shown ending a conversation with Igor Neuhaus saying "I understand. You can leave now" and when Neuhaus leaves he directly transforms to his dog form. Then, he picks up a shoe in his mouth from a locker and buries it in Shiemi's garden. Later, Rin is shown eating and behind him on the floor Mephisto in his dog form have his lunch. After lunch, he sleeps on his own statue and Yukio is shown looking at him and then leaving. In the end of the episode he went to the incomplete building on which he met Amaimon for the first time in episode 5 after he transformed back to his true form.

Ura Eku 9[]

Ura Eku 9

Yukio shot the demon through the Chinese manjuu.

Yukio is shooting a demon and it suddenly flys to Yukio. It appears as a cockroach on Yukio's sleeve and Yukio trys to shoot it. But it flew away and Yukio's sleeve is on fire. After he put out the fire, he decides to try another method to kill the demon. He takes out a Chinese manjuu and said he can give it to the demon. The demon then flys to the manjuu and Yukio shoot through the manjuu and kill the demon. He then says even though the demon can pass through the barrier and escapes from the bullets, it will still fly right to him when it comes to food. When saying this, his manjuu is suddenly taken by another cockroach demon and there are many more cockroach demons behind Yukio. Yukio then remembers that when you descover one cockroach, it means that there are more than thirty cockroaches there. Yukio then goes to the convenient store frustratedly and buys all manjuus in the store.

Ura Eku 10[]

Shiratori and Rin

When Shiratori ran into Rin.

It is the first day Reiji Shiratori goes to school after what happened in the first two episodes. He doesn't remember what happened but people says he is like another person after that accident. As he walks into True Cross Academy, he appreciates the historical schoolhouse and elegant students. He also walks pass the exwires and runs into Rin. Rin scolds Reiji and tells him to be careful. Reiji apologises and remember Rin partly. Rin also recognises him and asks if he has recovered. Reiji tells him he has and Rin tells him not to bring troubles to others anymore. Rin walks away and Reiji is surprised that True Cross Academy has such rude student. Then, he is trying to remember who Rin is and when he finally does, he is possessed by Astaroth again.


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