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Season 1 subtitled Ao no Exorcist is the first season of Ao no Exorcist manga series' anime adaptation.

Was first announced on November 27, 2010 on the official website of Shueisha's Jump SQ. The anime was produced by A-1 Pictures with Hitoshi Okamura as the producer. Originally the series was scheduled to air on April 10, 2011 on MBS; however, due to the March 11, 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the series' broadcast was delayed until April 17, 2011. Aniplex announced they would simulcast the series in North America through video sites Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Anime News Network starting on April 20, 2011.





Ep 1 title
The Devil Resides in Human Souls

Akuma wa Hito no Kokoro ni Sumu
#1 April 17, 2011
Rin begins to worry about his future as his twin brother, Yukio, is starting school at the prestigious True Cross Academy. Sent to a job interview by his foster father, Shiro, Rin encounters a Demon-like creature and causes havoc in the store.
Ep 2 title
Gehenna Gate

Gehena Gēto
#2 April 24, 2011
Rin is thrown into turmoil when Shiro tells him that he's the son of Satan! Warning him that he must never draw it, Shiro gives Rin the Koma Sword, and hides him in the monastery basement. Outside, a fierce battle begins.
Ep 3 title

Ani to Otōto
#3 May 1, 2011
Vowing to become an Exorcist, Rin is taken to True Cross Academy by the mysterious Mephisto, a friend of their late father. Later, Rin heads to the Exorcist Cram School, as Mephisto warns: “You must keep that you’re the son of Satan confidential.”
Ep 4 title
The Garden of Amahara

Amahara no Niwa
#4 May 8, 2011
When Yukio takes on a case, Rin tags along with him to the Exorcism Supply Shop. There he meets Shiemi, a girl with ailing legs, tending to her garden. Yukio examines Shiemi's legs and finding Demonic traces, speculates that the garden is the cause.
Ep 5 title
A Boy from the Cursed Temple

Tatari-dera no Ko
#5 May 15, 2011
Rin is always snoozing in class, much to star pupil Suguro's irritation. Suguro's striving to become an Exorcist so he can restore his family's temple in Kyoto, and being classmates with such a slacker is more than he can bear.
Ep 6 title
The Phantom Chef

Maboroshi no Ryōrinin
#6 May 22, 2011
The biggest headache of Rins school life is his daily meals. On Yukios advice, Rin starts cooking in the dorm kitchen, preparing lunch the night before. But in the morning, all the food has vanished!
Ep 7 title
A Flock of Plovers

#7 May 29, 2011
To overcome her shyness, Shiemi secretly vows to Make friends! But shes foiled by her klutziness. After displaying her Tamer skills in class, she finally asks Izumo to be her friend! Soon after, the Exorcist Cram School holds a boot camp.
Ep 8 title
Now a Certain Man Was Sick...

Koko ni Yameru Mono Ari
#8 June 5, 2011
Crushed by her failure to save her best friend, Izumo lashes out at Suguro! Their bickering escalates until the whole class is involved, and they're all sent to detention. Suddenly, the students are attacked by the ghoul Rin fought the day before!
Ep 9 title

#9 June 12, 2011
Fighting together for the first time, Rin and the others barely survive a harrowing attack. Suddenly, Mephisto and the cram school teachers are before them! Yukio confronts a teacher, only to discover..
Ep 10 title
Black Cat

Ketto Shī
#10 June 19, 2011
After the excitement of being promoted to Exwire, Rin is soon disgusted with his load of homework. Then, Yukio is summoned for an urgent mission! The familiar of the Knights of the True Cross has gone berserk, and Yukio has to deal with the crisis.
Ep 11 title
Demon of the Deep Seas

Shinkai no Akuma
#11 June 26, 2011
Rin, Shima, and Izumo have been sent on a mission, only to end up working instead. They meet a boy named Yohei and learn of the "Demon of the Deep." Yohei lost his father to this monster, and wants revenge. Worried, Rin and the others watch over him.
Ep 12 title
A Game of Tag

Oni Gokko
#12 July 3, 2011
The class investigates ghost sightings at an amusement park. Rin is partnered with Shiemi, and they find the ghost of a child. He runs away, turning things into a game of tag! Separated from Shiemi, Rin is confronted by Amaimon, King of Earth.
Ep 13 title

#13 July 10, 2011
Senior Exorcist First Class Shura Kirigakure stops the battle between Rin and Amaimon. Rin learns that Shura was once a disciple of Shiro's - and that Shura has targeted him for elimination - "the job that my mentor failed to do!"
Ep 14 title
A Fun Camping Trip

Tanoshii Kyanpu
#14 July 17, 2011
The first semester has ended, signaling the start of summer vacation for True Cross Academy students. But there's no rest for Rin and the other ExWires: they must take part in a 3-day drill to prepare for actual combat, under the guise of a camping trip.
Ep 15 title
Act of Kindness

Yasashii Koto
#15 July 24, 2011
Suguro's joint strategy pays off, and the Exwires have success in their sights! But then a gigantic moth Demon (cuchi) appears, and attacks Rin!
Ep 16 title
The Wager

#16 July 31, 2011
Consumed by the power of the flames during his battle with Amaimon, Rin goes berserk! He regains control of himself once his power is exhausted...only to be captured by the current Paladin, Arthur A. Angel!
Ep 17 title

#17 August 7, 2011
As the hearing drags on, the Order finds itself unable to decide on Rin's fate, because Mephisto has proclaimed him to be "a weapon for counterattacking Satan." Just then, something happens!
Ep 18 title

#18 August 14, 2011
Rin undergoes training to master his Demonic flames, when a giant bird-like Demon swoops in on him! After driving it away, all of the Cram School members are sent to investigate how the Demon infiltrated the academy...
Ep 19 title
An Ordinary Day

Nandemonai Hi
#19 August 21, 2011
The Exorcism Cram School students are having a ball with Shima's birthday-based fortune-telling. When they discover that Izumo's birthday is coming up, they decide to throw her a surprise party!
Ep 20 title

#20 August 28, 2011
Southern Cross Monastery, where Rin and Yukio grew up, has come under attack by a mysterious assailant! Leaving behind the cryptic words: "I will never forgive anyone related to Satan," the masked assailant escapes...
Ep 21 title
The Secret Garden

Himitsu no Hanazono
#21 September 4, 2011
The assailant has escaped, but things are just getting back to normal after the monastery attack. Just then, someone appears before Yukio!
Ep 22 title

#22 September 11, 2011
In light of the recent incidents, Mephisto is dismissed from his post as director. The Orders Supreme Advisers are ousted as well, paving the way for Ernst Frederik Egin to become Pope. And the newly appointed Preceptor of the Japan Branch is revealed to be....
Ep 23 title

#23 September 18, 2011
Ernst is scheming to open the Gehenna Gate by using the blood of Rin, son of Satan. In order to protect his wounded older brother, Yukio offers to take his place.
Ep 24 title
Satan's Spawn

Satan no Ko
#24 September 25, 2011
Hordes of Demons are spilling out of Gehenna Gate, and are now indiscriminately attacking the people of True Cross Academy Town! Meanwhile, Rin has been rescued by Suguro and Shiemi and is starting to come to. What Rin sees when he awakens is...
Ep 25 title
Stop, Time

Toki yo Tomare
#25 October 2, 2011
Satan has transformed himself into a gigantic Gehenna Gate, and is attempting to absorb all of Assiah. Rin and Yukio, joined by Shura and Angel, attack the gate. Meanwhile, at the school, the Exorcists defend against a myriad of Demons.

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