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Chief: Shemihaza
Assistant Chief: Hilkiah Uzai
Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Sanctuary of Shemihaza
Guardian: Grigori Agency

The Sacred land of El, known by many other names such as Eden, Avalon and Togenkyo, in Japanese it was known as Takamagahara, or Amahara. It is holy land of Shemihaza, Emperor of Creation and member of the Grigori.


The land of El is a lush environment home to both subtropical and alpine plants growing together under the influence of Shemihaza's crystal.[1] Time also moves differently within El, being roughly one thousand times faster, a week in El being roughly equivalent to ten minutes in the outside world.[2]

Saiku Palace[]

Is the residence of Shiemi Moriyama within El, containing a tea room, changing room, bathroom, numerous attendants and clothing for Shiemi.

Shemihaza's Crystal[]

A massive tree representing the crystalised form of Shemihaza. It lies in the heart of El with the crystalised remains of Amaimon embedded around its roots.[3]



  • Eden is the name of the original land created by the god of the Abrahamic religions.
  • Avalon is the name of a mythical island in Arthurian myth.


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