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AlternaVvelt -Blue Exorcist Another Story- (オルタナヴェルト -青の祓魔師 外伝- Orutanavu~eruto -ao no futsumashi gaiden-), previously simply referred to as Blue Exorcist X MMORPG (青の祓魔師 X MMORPG) is a smartphone game that was announced 18th November 2020 alongside the cancellation of Blue Exorcist: DAMNED CHORD. It is being developed alongside Aniplex for release on the 31st August 2024.

The official trailer was leaked at the beginning of 2023, featuring what appears to be at least three new characters and heavily features the battle against the Shapeshifter featured in the Academy Seven Wonders arc.


The game seems to allow for the control of one major character that can be switched with other playable characters and a party of up to four characters in combat. Each character has their own set of actions to choose from in combat including three generic actions and three unique actions. Outside of battle, the player is able to explore areas to some degree, though the limitations of this are currently unknown.


The game features several unique and returning characters, several of which have been shown to be playable:-


The game also features a host of demons both new and returning from the series including:-

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