Academy Forest District

Ep 14 title

Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Training Ground
Guardian: Chuchi

The Academy Forest District is located on the lowest level of True Cross Academy. It is used by the Exorcist Cram School first years during their summer vacation. The forest contains lots of Demons which are active at night, making it a perfect location for mission training. The Demons inside this forest are mostly low-class Demons that can be easily defeated by Exwire but there are some high-class Demons that also live in this forest.


Demon Farm

Near the base of the academy, there is at least one demon farm where Tamer Exorcists raise familiars and other demons on behalf of the Order. It consists of a large, caged in area with several buildings, trees and what appears to be a tank of water.[1] Yuri Egin was stationed here during her teenage years and raised Greenmen.[2] It is unclear if this facility is still in operation.

  • The trainees camp in the forest
  • The location of the Peg Lantern
  • The entrance of the Forest


  • Renzo Shima, who has a phobia of insects, is afraid of the forest due to the many insects within it.
  • Many of the Chuchi in the forest were raised by Exorcists, according to Shura Kirigakure.[3]


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