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Kuro An1
Imię Kuro
Kanji クロ (黒)
Romanji Kuro
Rasa Demon
Wiek 121 lat (OVA)
Płeć Mężczyzna Mężczyzna
Oczy Zielone
Włosy Czarne
Status Profesjonalny
Przynależność Egzorcyści
Partner Rin Okumura
Status Personalny
Status Żyje
Status Egzorcysty
Klasa Chowaniec
Pierwsze Wystąpienie
Manga Debiut Rozdział 8
Anime Debiut Odcinek 10
Japoński Głos Ayahi Takagaki

Kuro jest demonem rasy Cat Sith i chowańcem Rina Okumury. Był także jedynym chowańcem Shirō Fujimoto.


Kuro to czarny kot z dwoma ogonami. Dolna połowa jego pyska jest pokryta czekoladowo-brązowym futrem, które ścieśnia sie między jego oczami, a futerko na piersi jest zaś białe. Ma niewielki skrawek białego futra na prawej przedniej łapie. Posiada duże, żółte oczy z czarnymi źrenicami, jak również małe rogi na głowie. Kiedy Kuro przemienia się w swoją postaci Nekomaty, staje się ogromny, łatwo przerastający ludzi dorosłych.

Osobowość Edytuj

Kuro jest bardzo aktywnym i towarzyskim kotem, prawie zawsze towarzyszy Rinowi, prosząc go o zabawę z nim. Posiada on jednak swoją okrutną stronę, co można zauważyć kiedy atakuje ludzi niszczących jego świątynię. Uwielbia wino z kocimiętki robione przez Shiro.


Since ancient times, Kuro had lived peacefully with humans as the protective deity for local silkworm farmers. In exchange for protecting the silkworms from being killed by mice and other disasters, he received offerings of food, as well as festivals in his name.

However, as times changed and silk cultivation became outdated, people stopped worshiping Kuro. Eventually, they were even going to bulldoze his shrine and develop the land it once stood on. Because of this, Kuro became enraged and attacked the humans. The locals turned to the True Cross Academy, who sent a team of Exorcists, led by Shirō Fujimoto, to stop him. Shirō calmed down Kuro by talking to him, sharing catnip wine, and offering him to be his familiar. He soon gained a new role as one of the guardians of the True Cross Academy.


True Cross Academy ArcEdytuj

Kuro had been guarding the Southern Rear Entrance of the True Cross Academy. One day, while guarding the entrance as usual, one of the guards accidentally spoke about Shirō's death within Kuro's hearing range. Upon hearing the news, Kuro reacted violently and began to attack everyone, while denying the news of his master’s death as "lies". Yukio and Rin arrived at the scene, and Yukio revealed that Shirō had left a "medicine" that would bring Kuro down, in the event of his untimely death. Meanwhile, Rin learned that he was able to hear Kuro’s inner thoughts.

When Rin realized that Kuro was just simply lonely and didn’t want to accept Shirō’s death, he stopped Yukio from using the “medicine” against Kuro and convinced him to instead give him a chance to reason with Kuro. Rin confronted Kuro and told him that Shirō was dead, and that he truly understood his feelings of grief. Kuro saw Shirō in Rin and finally came to accept that Shirō had died, causing him to cry in agony. After that incident, Kuro grew close to Rin and became his own familiar and now stayed with him and Yukio, usually at their dorm when they have mission or a school to go to.

In a filler episode, Kuro accompanied Rin, Shima, and Izumo to investigate any demon activity at the beach. Rin and Shima encountered the Kraken where Kuro fought it. However, Kuro quickly got sick after he bit the giant squid.

He also came with Rin when Rin was on top of the Academy's towers and couldn't sleep. Rin asked Kuro if he wanted to play with him for some training, to which Kuro happily joined by changing to his nekomata form.

Filler arc (Anime Only)Edytuj

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

After the incident with Michelle and Neuhaus, Rin overslept and Kuro woke him up, telling him that Yukio was not home yet. He joined Rin on a demon hunt in a forest camp where a giant demon boar attacked them for killing its kin. Yukio killed it and said that all demons must die. He apparently meant it as he was going to shoot Kuro. Rin defended Kuro from Yukio, but Yukio knocked him out. Kuro, concerned for Rin, demanded what Yukio did to his brother. However, Kuro sensed something in Yukio and ran away when Shiemi called out for him. In the final fight, Kuro returns to aid Rin and Yukio (who is able to hear his thoughts when his demon power awakened). Kuro's large demon form is shown to have an ability to fly when escorting the brothers to Gehenna Gate. Kuro was unable to reach the Gate but Rin and Yukio were able to defeat it. A month later in the show's epilogue, Kuro escorts and was cheering for Rin to battle Ghost Rider, a demon that possesses corpses riding vehicles.

Kyoto Mission ArcEdytuj

This arc is exclusive to the manga and does not occur in the anime.

Kuro accompanied with Rin and the gang on the trip to Kyoto. Later, while the Impure King was starting to take on the shape of a building within the forest, Kuro came to Rin and Ryūji Suguro, warning them that the area was too dangerous and they should turn back. Rin refused, saying that if he doesn't do something about the Impure King soon, things would get even worse. Kuro reluctantly transformed into his nekomata form and told Rin that he will take him and Ryūji closer to the Impure King.

Rin and Suguro ride on Kuro's back where he is able to climb on the building. During this, Rin pretends to be a knight with Kuro as his "horse" and Suguro as a "princess" (who appears to be scared of riding Kuro and the Impure King). Kuro was able to detect ground nearby that is untouched by the Impure King for Suguro to chant his spell and put a barrier over. Suguro was able to do the spell but he, Rin, and Kuro are attacked by the spores of the Impure King.

Powers & AbilitiesEdytuj

Kuro has the ability to change from a small cat into a nekomata, a giant demon cat, at any time. With this change, Kuro grows to an enormous size and gains immense strength and power. His strength was so great that he was able to topple bulldozers and other construction equipment easily.


  • Kuro (黒) w języku japońskim oznacza "czarny", jest to jeden z powodów dlaczego w angielskiej wersji anime nazywany jest  "Blacky" lub "Blackie".
  • W rozdziałach 8-13,  Kuro was first seen with his left fang curved up over his mouth in both his smaller and nekomata forms. However, in the anime and in chapters 17 and 28, his fang was shown not to be curved at all in either of his forms.
  • It is shown in an anime-exclusive filler episode that if Kuro, like all cats, eats raw squid, he gets sick and cannot stand for a certain period of time. However, that was based on an old Japanese myth, not an actual fact, and it is strictly used for comical relief.
  • W Ao no Exorcist: Kuro no Iede OVA , Kuro wyznał, że ma 121 lat.


  • "Kłamcy! On nigdy nie umarł! Shiro jest najlepszy... On wróci do domu! Nie wierzę ci! On wróci! Do tego czasu nie mogę umrzeć!"
  • (Do Rin) "Rin zamierzasz zagrać na dworze jeszcze raz? Też idę!"
  • "To prezent od Shiro!"
  • "Nie pouczaj mnie! Mam 121 lat!